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(South Yorkshire) Crime Prevention Panel-cards
South Yorkshire Police - 1990

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2-3/8" x 4", and feature sepia-tone historic
photographs of local scenes on the fronts.  Card backs feature text describing
the scene, a Crime Prevention Hint, and logos for the establishments that
sponsored the individual cards. A caption states, "'E' Division Crime Prevention
Panel-cards can be obtained from local Police Officers."

No.   Scene                                                    Tip

 1    John Atkinsons - The Moore, 1908                         Don't go glue sniffing
 2    High Street, 1910                                        Fit locks in time
 3    Town Hall, Pinstone Street, circa 1900                   Report anything suspicious
 4    Cutlers' Hall, 1909                                      Don't let them get away with it
 5    East Midland Gas Board - Neepsend Gas Works              An open window is an open invitation
 6    Fire Service Steam Boiler, 1900                          Don't entice think twice
 7    Sheffield's first covered top double deck bus AEC 504    Don't ruin them with graffiti
 8    The General Post Office, Fitzalan Square                 Neighbourly care is being aware
 9    Haymarket, 1937                                          Fit a good door chain
10    High Street, 1910                                        Secure it with a chain
11    Haymarket, 1910                                          Fit good door and window locks
12    Midland Station, 1935                                    Tresspass on railway lines
13    The Great Central Express, Darnall Station               Security like charity begins at home.
14    Fitzalan Market Hall, 1895                               Shop lifting is stealing.
15    Fargate, 1930                                            Vandalism is a crime
16    Attercliffe Road                                         Building sites can be dangerous
17    Dore Village, early 1900                                 Never open a door to strangers
18    Church Street, Dore                                      Ladies use a well lit road
19    London Road, 1887                                        Always securely lock sheds
20    Wilsons Snuff Mill, Sharrow Vale Road                    A little thought can save a lot of hurt.
21    Haymarket, 1900 - looking towards Waingate               If you witness a crime dial 999.
22    The Town Hall, Pinstone Street, 1900                     Say no to drugs
23    Attercliffe Road, 1900-1910                              A fool and his money are soon parted
24    Turners Newsagents, Bank Street 1891                     It's your responsibility to prevent crime

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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