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Team - Spirits
   The Unusually Funny Factory Ltd. - 1990

Notes: Cards are approximately 2" x 3" with perforated edges.  Card fronts 
feature full-colour humerous artwork and card backs show descriptive text. 
The set title is not shown, instead is a header 'Psst! Did You Know'.

No.   Title

  1   Troll the Hurdler
  2   Attila the Runner
  3   Bonesucker the Relay
  4   Werefold the Shotputter
  5   Zombie the Longjumper
  6   Egor the Highjumper
  7   Dracula's Bride Throwing the Javelin
  8   Four Eyes the Discus Thrower
  9   Slime Ball the Weightlifter
 10   Blob the Boxer
 11   Phantom the Gymnast
 12   Ed-Less the Fencer
 13   Mr. Hyde Plays Volleyball
 14   Frank N. Stein the Basketball Player
 15   Count Vlad the Badminton Player
 16   King Tut Plays Baseball
 17   Wolfman the American Footballer
 18   Gremlin the Rugby Player
 19   Devil the Tennis Player
 20   Spectre the Cricketer
 21   Rabid the Judo Man
 22   Jaws the Sack Racer
 23   Hoggman Plays Bowls
 24   Lizard Man the Pole Vaulter
 25   Purple People Eater the Skier
 26   Lagoon Monster the Skater
 27   Toadflesh the Ski Jumper
 28   Spidey the Ice Hockey Player
 29   Alien the Dart Player
 30   Fungus the Footballer
 31   Globby the Egg and Spoon Racer
 32   Swampman the Ten-Pin Bowler
 33   Goblin the Golfer
 34   Pit Creature the Archer
 35   Quasimodo the Hammer Thrower
 36   Octy the Speed Skater
 37   Dino the Diver
 38   Scaley Synchro Swimmers
 39   Beakya the Water Polo Beast
 40   Rock the Surfer

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