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Endangered Wild Animals
Victoria Gallery - 1991

Note:  Cards are approximately 2-1/2" x 3-1/8", and were originally published
for sale as a complete set.

No.   Animals                                          Classification

 1    Giant Panda; Red Panda                           ailuropada melanoeuca; ailurus felgens
 2    Tiger                                            panthera tigris
 3    Snow Leopard; Clouded Leopard                    panthera uncia; neofelis nebulosa
 4    Cheetah; Asiatic Lion                            acinonyx jubatas; panthera leo persica
 5    Black Spider Monkey; Long-Haired Spider Monkey   ateles paniscus; ateles belzebuth
 6    Aye-Aye; Ring Tailed Lemur                       duabentonia madagascariensis; lemur catta
 7    Eastern Lowland and Mountain Gorilla; Mandrill   gorilla gorilla; mandrillus sphinx
 8    Orangutan; Uakari                                pongo pygmaeus; cacajao calvus
 9    Chimpanzee; Pygmy Chimpanzee                     pan troglodytes; pan paniscus
10    Golden Lion Tamarin; Cotton-Topped Tamarin       leontopithecus rasalia; saguinus oedipus oedipus
11    Black Rhino (Hook Lipped); Great Indian Rhino    diceros bicornis; rhinoceros unicornis
12    Sun Bear; Spectacled Bear                        helarctos malayanus; tremarctoas ornatus
13    African Elephant; Indian Elephant                loxodonta africana; elphas maximus
14    Babirusa; Malayan Tapier                         babyrousa babyrussa; tapirus indicus
15    Giant Anteater; Long-Beaked Echidna              myrmecopphaga tridactyla; zaglossus bruijni
16    Dama Gazelle; Pere Davids Deer                   gazelle dama; elaphurus davidianus
17    Arabian Oryx; Addax                              oryx leucoryx; addax nasomaculatus
18    Markhor; Giant Sable Antelope                    capra falconeri; hippotragus niger variani
19    Gervys Zebra; Hartmans Mountain Zebra            equus grevyi; equus zebra hartmanne
20    Dugong; West African Manatee                     dugong dugon; trichechus senegalensis

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