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The Wonderful World of Sea World
Weet-Bix / Neptune Oceanic Foundation - 1991

Note:  Cards are approximately 2-1/8" x 2-7/8".

No.   Title                         Classification

  1   Water-skiing stars
  2   Leaping dolphins
  3   Tail-walking dolphins
  4   Fun-loving dolphins
  5   Dolphin art
  6   False Killer Whale            Pseudorca crassidens
  7   Humpback Whale                Megaptera novaengliae
  8   A whale of a time
  9   Leopard Shark                 Stegostoma variom
 10   Wobbegong Shark               Orectolobus oratus
 11   Coral Polyps
 12   Spotted Hermit Crab           Dardanus megistos
 13   Nudibranch
 14   Octopus                       Octopodidae
 15   The history of diving
 16   King Penguins                 Aptenodytes patagonica
 17   Catch the Wave
 18   A Sea World Welcome
 19   Meet the stars
 20   'World of the Sea' Aquarium

 --   (Card Album)

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