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Play Safe - Stay Safe
   West Midlands Police - 1992

Notes: Cards are approximately 3-15/16" x 3".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork or photos, and card backs feature slogans and community sponsors. 
No set title or card numbers are shown.

    Title                                                     Sponsor

    If You Smell Gas                                          British Gas West Midlands
    Edd Say's 'Railways are Dangerous'                        British Transport Police
    Be Carful When Crossing the Road                          Centro
    Be Wsater Wise - Enjoy Canals                             Heartlands Community Trust
    Never, Even Try to Get Inside an Electricity Substation   Midlands Electricity plc
    So You've Never Been in an Ambulance                      West Midlands Ambulance Service
    Wake Up: Get a Smoke Alarm                                West Midlands Fire Service
    Say No - Don't Go                                         West Midlands Police

    (card album)

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