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Cats (Portraits)
   Golden Era - 1995

Note: Cards are approximately 2-7/16" x 3-1/8", and were intended for sale as a
complete set, not as product inserts. Card fronts feature full-colour artwork and 
card backs show descriptive text. The header for the checklist card shows the  
title "Cat Portraits" but individual cards and the front of the header card show the 
title "Cats." One good way to distinguish this set from the 1993 series "Cats" is the 
inscription "A Series of 25" printed on this 1995 series.

No.   Title

 --   Title Card/Checklist

  1   Abyssinian
  2   American Shorthair
  3   Birman
  4   British Bi-Colour Shorthair
  5   British Blue Shorthair
  6   British Silver Spotted Shorthair
  7   Burmese
  8   Chinchilla
  9   Colour Pointed Longhair
 10   Egyptian Mau
 11   Exotic Shorthair
 12   Bi-Colour Longhair (Persian)
 13   Black Longhair (Persian)
 14   Blue-Cream Longhair (Persian)
 15   Red Self Longhair (Persian)
 16   White Longhair (Persian)
 17   Maine Coon
 18   Manx
 19   Norwegian Forest
 20   Ocicat
 21   Oriental Shorthair
 22   Ragdoll
 23   Russian Blue
 24   Siamese
 25   Turkish Van

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