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Hollywood Moviemen
Victoria Gallery - 1993

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2-7/16" x 3-1/8", and were intended for sale as a
complete set, not as product inserts. Images are artwork instead of photographs.
Promos have the same image, with a band on the front announcing "Promotional
Card"; with a similar back in a blue color (versus gray for the regular cards).

No.   Actor

  1   Patrick Swayze
  2   Kevin Kline
  3   Danny Glover
  4   Steve Martin
  5   Michael Douglas
  6   Tom Berenger
  7   Robin Williams
  8   Jeff Bridges
  9   Harrison Ford
 10   Tom Cruise
 11   Bruce Willis
 12   Andy Garcia
 13   Dustin Hoffman
 14   Robert De Niro
 15   Kurt Russell
 16   Mel Gibson
 17   Arnold Schwarzenegger
 18   Al Pacino
 19   Sean Connery
 20   Kevin Costner
 21   Michael Keaton
 22   Clint Eastwood
 23   Paul Newman
 24   Jack Nicholson
 25   Richard Gere


 24   Jack Nicholson
 ??   ? (one other)

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