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The Secret Diary of Kevin Tipps
PG Tips / Brooke Bond - 1995

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2-1/2" x 3-1/2"and feature images from the
famous family of chimps that have been the famous advertising icons for
PG Tips tea.

    Date            Title

    January 1       Hello! I'm Crucial Kev
    January 9       "Tea's company!"
    January 20      Mum's weight-watching
    January 28      Dad's Birthday
    February 14     St. Valentines Day
    February 17     Stirring up trouble!
    February 19     Come Dancing!
    February 20     A chat with Mr Pott
    February 26     Hand jiving
    March 18        Charlie the little terror
    March 26        Mother's Day
    March 31        The Old Banger
    April 7         Mum bakes my day!
    April 8         My Birthday
    April 16        Meet the Dolittles
    April 18        Joey's Funny Turn!
    April 23        What! No PG Tips?
    May 2           Jury service
    May 10          Disco fever
    May 17          Mum's Birthday
    May 27          The school trip
    June 4          Samantha's Big Date
    June 15         Mum & Dad's Wedding Anniversary
    June 26         Dad's new camcorder
    July 2          Neighbours!
    July 8          "Here's looking at you kid!"
    July 11         "Kiss me Quick"
    July 14         Formula One!
    July 28         Aunt Ada's Mum reads the tea leaves
    August 2        The golden oldies
    August 6        Dad's weird dream
    August 18       Samantha's Birthday
    August 20       Hole in One!
    September 4     Video's on the blink!
    September 9     It's in the bag!
    September 12    Back to school!
    September 27    Mr Foster sees double!
    October 7       "Bulls-eye Dolly!"
    October 9       Grade "E" for Mr P.
    October 12      Dolly gets decorated
    October 19      Ancient history
    October 27      Parents' Evening
    November 1      Uncle Mack makes good!
    November 14     My cool dad!
    November 17     Samantha's masterpiece
    November 30     Ada's moving experience
    December 3      The Great Flood!
    December 10     Family Portrait
    December 25     Christmas Day!
    December 30     Best of Nine?

    --              (Special Diary Album)

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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