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Pyramid Power!
PG Tips (Brooke Bond) - 1996

Note:  Cards are approximately 3-1/2" x 2-1/2".

No.   Card Text

  1   Greetings! I'm Wizard T. Bagg! With Kevin Tipps'
  2   It would be nice to be brilliant all the time -
  3   Kevin takes good care of his pets. He was worrie
  4   Pot plants love pyramics according to pyramid po
  5   I told Kevin that Czech boffin Karl Drbal patent
  6   Kevin's heard that a woman in California has giv
  7   I'm very fond of my poodle, but he is getting on
  8   Watch out, Kevin! Apparently, pyramids can steal
  9   I do enjoy the occasional glass of wine - but it
 10   Kevin tells me that pyramids can keep milk (and
 11   Guess what! The latest news is that PG Tips have
 12   I'm very fond of listening to music! It's my the
 13   During the 1970's researchers claimed that sitti
 14   Pyramid power was most popular in the 1970's. It
 15   Are you feeling a bit poorly? You might try sitt
 16   What an adventure! Kevin and I are visiting the
 17   Kevin and I are just looking at the map to see w
 18   Don't laugh! Here's the local transport! Keven a
 19   I've brought Kevin to Giza, near Cairo, to see t
 20   Kevin wants to know why there are two burial cha
 21   The smallest pyramid in the group at Giza is the
 22   At last! I've always wanted to see the Great Sph
 23   The Pharaohs had awful trouble with burglars! Pr
 24   "Do you think mummies are spooky?" asks Kevin. W
 25   The ancient Egyptians believed they had to keep
 26   The river Nile was the main highway of ancient E
 27   We know quite a lot about life in ancient Egypt
 28   Some people think the pyramids stood on their ow
 29   Every since they were built, people have had the
 30   "Do you think aliens from Space built the pyrami
 31   We know that the ancient Egyptians were fond of
 32   Kevin and I are flying over the tallest building
 33   In the 19th century, people built all kinds of c
 34   We've come to see the pyramids of Latin America!
 35   If you were from Egypt and went to Las Vegas, ga
 36   As pyramids are thought to help plants thrive, y
 37   Americans often say that San Francisco's where i
 38   Kevin, did you know that there's a pyramid in Pa
 39   We British certainly have a gift for producing o
 40   A pyramid for chickens? Kevin can't believe his
 41   Tally Ho! The 18th century gentleman, Sir Paulet
 42   I've just been telling Kevin that I've always ha
 43   A typical English eccentric, Mad Jack Fuller was
 44   Kevin's mad about soccer! When England are playi
 45   Kevin and I agree that however far you travel ar

 --   (Card Album)

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