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Sporting Stars by Jos Walker
   Richards Collection - 1997

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-5/8" x 2-1/2", featuring caricatures of 
cricket personalities by Jos. Walker. The printed title is just "Sporting Stars."

No.   Player                                         Team

  1   Herbert Sutcliffe                              Yorkshire
  2   Francis Thomas Mann                            Middlsex
  3   Frederick Ingram Walden                        Northants
  4   George Oswald Browning Allen                   Middlesex
  5   Percy George Herbert Fender                    Surrey
  6   Elias Henry Hendren                            Middlesex
  7   Edward William Dawson                          Leicestershire
  8   Charles Philip Mead                            Hampshire
  9   Walter Reginald Hammond                        Gloucestershire
 10   John William Hearne                            Middlesex
 11   Aldred Percy Freeman                           Kent
 12   Cecil Harry Parkin                             Lancashire
 13   John Berry Hobbs                               Surrey
 14   Andrew Sandham                                 Surrey
 15   Nigel Esme Haig                                Middlesex
 16   Learie Nicholas Constantine                    Trinidad
 17   Herbert Strudwick                              Surrey
 18   Cyril Rutherford Browne                        British Guiana
 19   Frank Edward Woolley                           Kent
 20   Charles Frederick Root                         Worchestershire

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