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Association Footballers (Series 4)
David Rowland - 1999

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and were intended for sale as a
complete set, not as product inserts.  Each series features caricatures from the
Garth Dykes Collection depicting famous players over the entire history of the
sport in Britain.

No.   Player                  Team

  1   Joe Cassidy             Celtic
  2   Henry Cockburn          Manchester United
  3   Johnny Crosbie          Birmingham
  4   Stan Davies             West Bromwich Albion
  5   Jimmy Gill              Derby County
  6   Tommy Glidden           West Bromwich Albion
  7   Ted Glover              Southport
  8   Len Graham              Millwall
  9   Dave Halliday           Sunderland
 10   Neil harris             Notts County
 11   Jimmy Logie             Arsenal
 12   Arthur Rigby            Clapton Orient
 13   David Robbie            Bury
 14   Denis Lawson            Clyde
 15   Arthur Mercer           Wigan Borough
 16   Jack Mew                Manchester United
 17   Harry Mills             Huddersfield Town
 18   Fred Mitchell           Manchester City
 19   Dave Morris             Swindon Town
 20   Tom Reid                Liverpool
 21   Ted Robson              Sunderland
 22   Harold Rudman           Burnley
 23   Joe Smith               Bolton Wanderers
 24   Ernie Thornborough      Bolton Wanderers
 25   Arthur Whalley          Manchester United

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