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AAGPBL Update Series
Larry Fritsch Cards - 2002

Notes: Cards commemorate the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, 
which was founded by Phillip K. Wrigley partly because many professional male 
players were overseas during World War II. The league operated from 1943 through 
1954 and was featured in the popular 1992 film "A League of Their Own." These 
cards were issued at the same time as the DVD release of the film, and are often 
distributed together with the 72-card Series 3. 

No.   Title

413   Shirley Crites
414   Chet Grant
415   Alice Hohlmayer
416   Dottie Kamenshek
417   Lucy Moore
418   Helen Nicol
419   Karen Violetta
420   Marge Wenzell
421   Checklist/Logo Card

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