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    Scanlens - 1976 (Pink Border)
    Scanlens - 1976 (Blue Border)
    A. W. Allen / Regina Confections - 1976

Notes:  This is really three sets with the same titles but different characteristics. Scanlens 
published it with pink borders, numbered "1 of 72 A" to "72 of 72 A", and with blue 
borders, numbered "1 of 72 B" to "72 of 72 B". Card backs formed a coulour photo 
puzzle. Allen's and Regina issued the cards numbered just 1 through 72, with a 
different (and black-and-white) puzzle picture. Thanks much to Sean Wright for the 

No.   Title


 1A   Performance time
 2A   "Anna" solo
 3A   The lead singer
 4A   Shortage of stools
 5A   Studio rehearsal
 6A   Bjorn - Anna - Frida
 7A   Introducing Anna
 8A   Red Hot Performers
 9A   Bjorn on stage
10A   Steady as she goes
11A   Concert event
12A   Anna - Frida - Benny
13A   Mysterious
14A   Making sweet music
15A   Recording trio
16A   New tune rehearsal
17A   "ABBA" glitter gear
18A   "ABBA"
19A   Dancing Queen
20A   Just Anna
21A   Singing "Ring Ring"
22A   Polar Music H.Q.
23A   Belting out a song
24A   Top Swedish export
25A   Emotional song
26A   Group portrait
27A   Rehearsal break
28A   Happy times
29A   Welcome to Sweden
30A   Doorway to success
31A   Beny Andersson
32A   Stockholm Harbour
33A   Four happy people
34A   Steppig out
35A   Anni-frid Lyngstad
36A   Back to back duo
37A   Colourful setting
38A   Agnetha Faltskog "Anna"
39A   "ABBA" autographs
40A   A serious moment
41A   Doing their thing
42A   Everybody smile!
43A   Mamma mia!
44A   Just sitting pretty
45A   Fairground frolic - Stockholm
46A   Ice-cream delight
47A   Relaxing between tours
48A   You can't sing here!
49A   Blue satin band
50A   Singing up a storm
51A   In concert - Oslo
52A   Bandstand Stars!
53A   Natuires children
54A   Casual Group
55A   Can you hear the drums
56A   Court yard drum beat
57A   The music makers
58A   All aboard
59A   Waterloo
60A   In a Stockholm park
61A   A day off
62A   Benny at the piano
63A   Fernando
64A   "TV" guests USA
65A   Bootleg music
66A   Showtime
67A   "ABBA" singalong
68A   Swinging singers
69A   Putting it together
70A   Award for excellence
71A   Reading for relaxation
72A   Ready to swing


 1B   Performance time
 2B   "Anna" solo
 3B   The lead singer
 4B   Shortage of stools
 5B   Studio rehearsal
 6B   Bjorn - Anna - Frida
 7B   Introducing Anna
 8B   Red Hot Performers
 9B   Bjorn on stage
10B   Steady as she goes
11B   Concert event
12B   Anna - Frida - Benny
13B   Mysterious
14B   Making sweet music
15B   Recording trio
16B   New tune rehearsal
17B   "ABBA" glitter gear
18B   "ABBA"
19B   Dancing Queen
20B   Just Anna
21B   Singing "Ring Ring"
22B   Polar Music H.Q.
23B   Belting out a song
24B   Top Swedish export
25B   Emotional song
26B   Group portrait
27B   Rehearsal break
28B   Happy times
29B   Welcome to Sweden
30B   Doorway to success
31B   Beny Andersson
32B   Stockholm Harbour
33B   Four happy people
34B   Steppig out
35B   Anni-frid Lyngstad
36B   Back to back duo
37B   Colourful setting
38B   Agnetha Faltskog "Anna"
39B   "ABBA" autographs
40B   A serious moment
41B   Doing their thing
42B   Everybody smile!
43B   Mamma mia!
44B   Just sitting pretty
45B   Fairground frolic - Stockholm
46B   Ice-cream delight
47B   Relaxing between tours
48B   You can't sing here!
49B   Blue satin band
50B   Singing up a storm
51B   In concert - Oslo
52B   Bandstand Stars!
53B   Natuires children
54B   Casual Group
55B   Can you hear the drums
56B   Court yard drum beat
57B   The music makers
58B   All aboard
59B   Waterloo
60B   In a Stockholm park
61B   A day off
62B   Benny at the piano
63B   Fernando
64B   "TV" guests USA
65B   Bootleg music
66B   Showtime
67B   "ABBA" singalong
68B   Swinging singers
69B   Putting it together
70B   Award for excellence
71B   Reading for relaxation
72B   Ready to swing


 1    Performance time
 2    "Anna" solo
 3    The lead singer
 4    Shortage of stools
 5    Studio rehearsal
 6    Bjorn - Anna - Frida
 7    Introducing Anna
 8    Red Hot Performers
 9    Bjorn on stage
10    Steady as she goes
11    Concert event
12    Anna - Frida - Benny
13    Mysterious
14    Making sweet music
15    Recording trio
16    New tune rehearsal
17    "ABBA" glitter gear
18    "ABBA"
19    Dancing Queen
20    Just Anna
21    Singing "Ring Ring"
22    Polar Music H.Q.
23    Belting out a song
24    Top Swedish export
25    Emotional song
26    Group portrait
27    Rehearsal break
28    Happy times
29    Welcome to Sweden
30    Doorway to success
31    Beny Andersson
32    Stockholm Harbour
33    Four happy people
34    Steppig out
35    Anni-frid Lyngstad
36    Back to back duo
37    Colourful setting
38    Agnetha Faltskog "Anna"
39    "ABBA" autographs
40    A serious moment
41    Doing their thing
42    Everybody smile!
43    Mamma mia!
44    Just sitting pretty
45    Fairground frolic - Stockholm
46    Ice-cream delight
47    Relaxing between tours
48    You can't sing here!
49    Blue satin band
50    Singing up a storm
51    In concert - Oslo
52    Bandstand Stars!
53    Natuires children
54    Casual Group
55    Can you hear the drums
56    Court yard drum beat
57    The music makers
58    All aboard
59    Waterloo
60    In a Stockholm park
61    A day off
62    Benny at the piano
63    Fernando
64    "TV" guests USA
65    Bootleg music
66    Showtime
67    "ABBA" singalong
68    Swinging singers
69    Putting it together
70    Award for excellence
71    Reading for relaxation
72    Ready to swing

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