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Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Donruss - 1995

Notes:  Static Cling cards are individually more common than the rest of the base 
card set. Thanks much to Mike Kloc for the original checklist!

Box: 36 packs of 7 regular cards + 1 static cling.
Common sets (90): approx. 3.04 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

  1   Ace on the Job
  2   Hero's Home
  3   Tricky Assignment
  4   Inside the Tank
  5   Handling the Press
  6   Party Crashing
  7   Definitely not a Dolphin
  8   A Surprise Exit
  9   A Gem of a Clue
 10   Seeking the Ring
 11   Ace Visits the Finkels
 12   Lois' Powerful Embrace
 13   Committed to the Job
 14   She's aA He?!
 15   Ace Meets Big Dan
 16   Man Against Man... Sort Of
 17   If the Stone Fits...
 18   Grab That Bird!


 19   Ace Ventura!
 20   Gorilla
 21   Princess
 22   Shikaka
 23   Burton Quinn
 24   Spike
 25   Fulton Greenwall
 26   Vincent Cadby
 27   Ouda

Ace Ventura 2 Movie

 28   Failed Rescue
 29   Greenwall Seeks Out Ace
 30   Mind over Mantra
 31   A Job Offer
 32   The Light Goes Out
 33   Unfinished Business
 34   Road to Bonai
 35   Cadby Rides In
 36   Ready, Willing and Able
 37   Not-So-Fun Fur
 38   Wraparound Husband
 39   Making Friends - Not!
 40   Slide Show
 41   Peaceful Jungle
 42   Getting Friendly
 43   Taking the Tour
 44   Native Feast
 45   The Princess' Dance
 46   Holy Man
 47   Tinky
 48   One Small Spit for Man...
 49   Shaky Vows
 50   Seeking Suspect #1
 51   Well-Groomed Pro
 52   Sweating It Out
 53   A Miracle?
 54   The Interrogation
 55   The Doctor Did It?
 56   The Wachootoo Village
 57   Ace Stands Out
 58   Seized by the Wachootoos
 59   Wachootoo Challenge
 60   Put to the Test
 61   Final Test
 62   Sand Trap
 63   The Darts Don't Match
 64   Bat Snatchers
 65   Headed for a Fall
 66   Good News, Bad News
 67   The Real Culprit
 68   Case Solved
 69   Who's Under Arrest?
 70   Pachyderm Pounding
 71   Getting a Lift
 72   Preparing for Battle
 73   Stampede!
 74   Storming the Consulate
 75   Monster Truck Trick
 76   The Bat Cage
 77   One Unhappy Customer
 78   Celebration

Static-Cling Aceisms

 79   "Alrighty Then"
 80   "Gee, let me Think"
 81   "I don't do humans"
 82   "Do Not Go In There"
 83   "Spank you"
 84   "Reeheeee-heely"
 85   "Come to me, jungle friends"
 86   "If You Were Me, Then I'd be You"
 87   "Yeah? And you are Ugly"
 88   "Loo-ooo-ooo-ooo...ser!"

 89   Checklist A
 90   Checklist B


Foil Cards (1:4 Hobby packs)


Foil Embossed Cards (1:4 Retail packs)

 F1   (Fulton and Spike)
 F2   (hurling headdress)
 F3   (Shikaka)
 F4   (hitching a ride)
 F5   (child of light)
 F6   (asparagus fangs)
 F7   (baboon)
 F8   (raising tail)
 F9   (well groomed pro)


--    When Nature Calls ("prototype"; dealers and Non-Sport Update)

©2003, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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