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Action Series
   World Wide Gum - 1940

Notes: ACC reference number V350. This set is a modified version of "Action 
Gum" series issued by Goudy in the U.S. Titles were changed for cards 27, 34, 
and 44; cards 49 through 60 were new (and are more scarce); and no cards 
numbered above 60 were issued.

No.   Title

  1   Tanks Attack
  2   Torpedo Bombers
  3   Eliminating Enemy Nests
  4   Night Bombing Attack
  5   Offshore Air Patrol
  6   Direct Hit
  7   Parachute Invasion
  8   Supply Train Attacked
  9   Pictures Under Fire
 10   A Withering Broadside
 11   The Infantry Moves In
 12   Machine Gun and Crew
 13   Pursuit Planes Dogfight
 14   Team Work Aloft
 15   Plane Attacks Convoy
 16   Cruisers Make Turn
 17   Motorcycle Scout
 18   Smashing Tank Attack
 19   Pursuit Plane Victory
 20   Sky Bird Fighter
 21   Battleship Formation
 22   Attack on Carrier
 23   Tops in Fighting Speed
 24   Spotting Night Raiders
 25   Leaving Aircraft Carrier
 26   Bombers in Formation
 27   A Bayonet Charge
 28   Sinking in Flames
 29   World's Largest Bomber
 30   "Commence Firing"
 31   Freighter Torpedoed
 32   Planes to the Rescue
 33   Light Artillery
 34   Take Off
 35   Surprising Enemy Sub
 36   Mosquitoes in Action
 37   Attack on Air Field
 38   Night Bombers Depart
 39   3" Anti-Aircraft Gun
 40   Cruisers' Scout Planes
 41   Navy Bomber Dives
 42   Planes Screen Advance
 43   "Wasps" of the Air
 44   16" Coast Defence Gun
 45   Convoying Freighters
 46   Away at Dawn
 47   Landing by "Chute"
 48   Dive Bombing a Fort

 49   Our Mechanized Army
 50   First Line of Defence
 51   Coastal Patrol
 52   Fighters in Echelon
 53   The Eyes of the Fleet
 54   Coastal Forts Prepare
 55   Anti-Aircraft Defence
 56   Bringing Hospital Aid
 57   Offshore Scouting Patrol
 58   Protecting Singapore
 59   Combat at Intelligence
 60   Combat Cars Move Up

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