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Advance Comics Image Series
Advance Comics - 1993/1994

Notes: Thanks much to James Ogden for the original list!  These cards were
inserted in consecutive issues of Advance Comics pre-order catalog, over the
course of a year.

No.   Title                    Artist(s)

  1   Codename: Stryke Force   Brandon Peterson
  2   Images of Shadowhawk     Jim Valentino
  3   Vanguard                 Erik Larsen, Gary Carlson
  4   The Kindred              Brett Booth
  5   Freak Force              Erik Larsen, Vic Bridges
  6   The MAXX                 Sam Kieth
  7   Pitt                     Dale Keown
  8   Extreme Prejudice        Jeff Matsuda
  9   Newmen                   Jeff Matsuda
 10   Team 7                   Brett Booth
 11   Youngblood               Rob Liefeld
 12   Doom's IV                Rob Liefeld, Mark Pacella

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