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Adventure Time Dog Tags Series 1
   Cryptozoic Entertainment - 2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Cryptozoic website.

 No.   Title

   1   Finn
   2   Jake the Dog
   3   BMO
   4   The Ice King
   5   Marceline the Vampire Queen
   6   Lady Rainicorn
   7   Princess Bubblegum
   8   Lumpy Space Princess
   9   Gunter
  10   Ricardio the Heart Guy
  11   The Lich
  12   Earl of Lemongrab
  13   Cake
  14   Tree Trunks
  15   Cosmic Owl
  16   Flame Princess
  17   Hunson Abadeer
  18   Marshall Lee
  19   Peppermint Butler
  20   Fionna

  --   Checklist [paper foldout; 1:pack]

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