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Adventure Time
   Cryptozoic Entertainment - 2014

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Cryptozoic website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets (54): approx. 2.02 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.   Title / Card Text                                     Issue / Artist

   01   The heroes of Ooo stop the Lich from chucking thei    Issue 1, 3rd printing
   02   The reawakened Lich returns to destroy everyone by    Issue 1, Cover D
   03   Finn and Jake compete for BMO's homemade cupcake b    Issue 5, Cover B
   04   Jake has completely flumped up the future by abusi    Issue 7, Cover B
   05   PARADOXICAL! Princess Bubblegum fixes the space ti    Issue 9, Cover D
   06   Lumpy Space Princess forces her way into BMO's Mai    Issue 12, Cover B
   07   Finn, Jake and marceline stage a phony Wizard's Ba    Issue 12, Cover C
   08   The Ice King makes his own mini-comics and passes     Issue 12, Cover D
   09   marceline hacks into the military mainframe and fi    Issue 13, Cover C
   10   Ewlbo has evolved into Kewlboy, and nothing will s    Issue 14, Cover B
   11   Magic Man crashes the Princess Tea party! Finn and    Issue 15, Cover C
   12   Finn andJake can only speak in emoticons after Mag    Issue 15, Cover D
   13   Finn and Jake bust out of the Bag of Holding to st    Issue 3, Cover B
   14   Finn and Marceline distract the Lich with some hot    Issue 3, Cover D
   15   SO MAJORLY MATH! Jake the Dog and Finn the Human c    Volume 1
   16   What the butt is up with the rampaging Gumball Gua    Issue 20, Cover C
   17   A day off quickly turns into a day on for Finn and    Issue 21, Cover C
   18   BOSS BATTLES ABOUND! After beating the guts out of    Issue 17, Cover D
   19   Trouble in Lumpy Space
   20   Tree Trunks
   21   Ricardio The Heart Guy
   22   My Two Favorite People
   23   Wizard
   24   What Is Life?
   25   When Wedding Bells Thaw
   26   Henchman
   27   Rainy Day Daydream
   28   His Hero
   29   Loyalty to the King
   30   Slow Love
   31   Crystals Have Power
   32   Mortal Recoil
   33   Conquest of Cuteness
   34   Memory of a Memory
   35   Wizard Battle
   36   Beautopia

     Gender Bender Cards

   37   Fionna/Finn
   38   Cake/Jake
   39   Marshall Lee/Marceline
   40   Prince Gumball/Princess Bubblegum
   41   Ice Queen/Ice King
   42   Flame Prince/Flame Princess
   43   Cinnawoman Bun/Cinnamon Bun
   44   Lord Monochromicorn/Lady Rainicorn
   45   Lumpy Space Prince/Lumpy Space Princess

     Fan Favorite Episodes

   46   Card Wars
   47   Death In Bloom
   48   Fionna and Cake
   49   A Glitch is a Glitch
   50   I Remember You
   51   Marceline's Closet
   52   Too Young
   53   The Creeps
   54   The Vault


Katie Cook Puzzle Set (1:12 packs)

KC 01   Finn and Jake are attending the most fabulous get
KC 02   Princess Bubblewgum and BMO, who were playing croq
KC 03   Ice King and Gunter were having an egg race ... Ic
KC 04   (Lady Rainicorn and Pups)
KC 05   Tree Trunks and Marceline were having a pie eating
KC 06   Peppermint Butler and cinnamon Bun were using a co
KC 07   The Earl of Lemongrab was, as usual, no help. I wo
KC 08   The random princesses of Ooo were having a Limbo c
KC 09   In the end, Jake's lucky potato salad spoon ended

Steam Punk Foil Set (1:12 packs)

SP 01   Finn
SP 02   Jake
SP 03   BMO                                                   Brian Kesinger
SP 04   Lady Rainicorn
SP 05   Ice King                                              Amy Houser
SP 06   Gunter
SP 07   Marceline
SP 08   Peppermint Butler                                     Glen Fernandez
SP 09   Princess Bubblegum

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

  A1     Justin Roiland as Earl of Lemonbrab
  A2     Hynden Walch as Princess Bubblegum
  A3     Maria Bamford as Wildberry Princess
  A4     Olivia Olson as Marceline the Vampire Queen
  A5     Laura Silverman as Ethel Rainicorn
  A6     Miguel Ferrer as Death
  A7     Melinda Hill as Doctor Princess
  A8     John Kassir as Cloud Groom
  A9     Roz Ryan as Cake
  A10    Jeff Bennett as Choose Goose
  A11    Michael Dorn as Gork
  A12    M. Emmet Walsh as The Cosmic Owl
  A13    Steve Little as Peppermint Butler
  A14    Brian Baumgartner as Georgy
  A15    Erik Estrada as King Worm
  A16    Ava Acres as Jamaica
  A17    Dee Bradley Baker as Cinnamon Bun
  A18    Kerri Kenney-Silver as Girl Bear
  A19    Brian Posehn as The Leader of the Businessmen
  A20    Neil Patrick Harris as Prince Gumball

Totally Fabricated Wardrobe Cards (1:96 packs)

TF 01   Finn the Human [Hat]
TF 02   Ice King
TF 03   Princess Bubblegum
TF 04   Finn the Human [Shirt]
TF 05   Earl of Lemongrab
TF 06   Marceline the Vampire Queen

Sketch Cards (1:24 packs)

        Achilleas Kokkinakis
        Adam Cleveland
        Adam Cline
        Amber Shelton
        Amy Clark
        Amy Pronovost
        Ashleigh Popplewell
        Autumn Frederickson
        Babisu Kourtis
        Benjamin Glendenning
        Bill McKay
        Billy Martin
        Brandon Reese
        Brian DeGuire
        Brian S. Canio
        Chris "Urbnpop" Hamer
        Chris Meeks
        D. Douglass
        Dan B.W.
        Danielle Gransaull
        Denver Brubaker
        Elvin A. Hernandez
        Emily Riggsby
        Erik Caines
        Eugene Commodore
        Fer Galicia
        Gabby Untermayerova
        Gary Shipman
        Gemma Mae Magdaluyo
        George Vega
        Gerald de Dios
        Hanie Mohd
        Ian Yoshio Roberts
        Irma "Aimo" Ahmed
        Jason Saldajeno
        Jay Fosgitt
        Jayson Kretzer
        Jeff Chandler
        Jeremy R. Scott
        Jezreal "Jez" Rojales
        Joe Hogan
        Joey Mason
        John "JAX" Jackman
        John Johnston
        John Monserrat
        John Ottinger
        John Soukup
        Josh Wysocki
        Karen Hallion
        Katie Cook
        Kristin Allen
        Kyle Sears Wlodyga
        Layron DeJarnette
        Manny Mederos
        Mark Dos Santos
        Mark Finneral
        Mark Pingitore
        Martin Pikkaart
        Mary "Zorilita" Bellamy
        Matt Hansen
        Matt Hebb
        Matthew Sutton
        Mayonnaise & Bread
        Michael "Sugar Fueled" Banks
        Michael Maglio
        Mikey Babinski
        Mitch Ballard
        Nadya Ortega
        Natasa "Tansa" Kourtis
        Nathan Anderson
        Niall Westerfield
        Nicole Sloan
        Otis Frampton
        Patrick "PRF" Finch
        Puis Calzada
        Raz Ortiz
        Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
        Richard Brady
        Robert Jimenez
        Sabet "pixopop"
        Sam Ellis
        Stacey Kardash
        Stefanie Battalene
        Terry "Pav" Pavlet
        Thomas Boatwright
        Tracy Bailey
        Val Hochberg
        Wendy "Mashi" Chew

Fan Art Cards (1:24 packs)

        "These blank cards are inserted to allow Adventure Time
        fans the opportunity to create their own awesome art cards!"

  --    (blank sketch card)

Oversized Redemption Sketch Cards (# R1-R25)

        Charles Hall
        Jeff Chandler
        Jeremy Treece
        Matt Hansen
        Nathan Szerdy
        Raz Ortiz

Card Album (sold separately)

  --    (binder)
TF 07   Peppermint Butler [exclusive Totally Fabricated Wardrobe Card]


  P1    (full cast; Non-Sport Update April/May 2014)
  P2    (4 dancing under Lady Rainicorn; Non-Sport Update Cover Art August/September 2014)

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