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Aeroplane Series
   Wischmann's - c. 1932

Notes: Card fronts have color artwork, while backs have descriptive text 
and state that the cards were part of a "contemplated series of 250 different 
kinds." American Card Catalog reference is R5. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.


   A French Plane - used during the World War
   A Modern Tri-Motor Passenger Plane
   A New Altitude Record
   Across the Atlantic with Amelia Earhardt
   Akron - The largest dirigible
   Bleriot - Crossed the Channel, France to England 1909
   Conquering the Antarctic with Byrd
   De La Cierva - Invented the Autogiro
   Dornier I
   Graf Zeppelin
   Latest Army Pursuit Plane XP-936
   Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis
   Lockheed Monoplane
   Modern Aerial Police
   Refueling Record - by the Hunter Bros.
   Round the World in 8-1/2 Days with Post and Gatty
   Sopwith Dolphin - Used during the World War
   Spad - French Plane used during World War
   Taking off to Australia with C. Kingsford Smith in the Southern Cross
   The Bremen - West across the Atlantic
   The First Successful Flight by the Wright Bros.
   The Heart's Content - The first solo flight westward over the North Atlantic
   To the North Pole in the Norge with Amundsen
   Winning the Dale Air Derby - Goebel and the Wooaroc
   World's Altitude Gliding Record - Edgar Dittmar - Germany

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