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Age of Sorcery
   Cult-Stuff - 2011

Note: Further information and scans are posted at the Cult-Stuff website.

Box/Pack: 18 base + about 3 sketches + 3-8 chase cards. 10 packs/case.

    No.       Title (card text)                                Artist

    I         Age of Sorcery                                   Carolyn Edwards
    II        Dragon Fire                                      Carolyn Edwards
    III       (Sleeping with one eye open is commonly belie)   Carolyn Edwards
    IV        Dragon Fighting                                  Carolyn Edwards
    V         (Until the 19th century belief in Unicorns wa)   Carolyn Edwards
    VI        Unicorns                                         Carolyn Edwards
    VII       Wizards                                          Robert Hack RH-I
    VIII      Elves                                            Robert Hack RH-II
    IX        Barbarian                                        Robert Hack RH-III
    X         Visitors to the Drowning Pool                    Matt Dixon MD-I
    XI        Woodwitch                                        Matt Dixon MD-II
    XII       Titania                                          Matt Dixon MD-III
    XIII      Alarm Call                                       Matt Dixon MD-IV
    XIV       (The Dragon on this card was illustrated by M)   Matt Dixon MD-V
    XV        Crow Caller                                      Matt Dixon MD-VI
    XVI       Waaargh!                                         Matt Dixon MD-VII
    XVII      Demon Prince                                     Matt Dixon MD-VIII
    XVIII     (The Devil gets all the HOT girls... Hell isn)   Matt Dixon MD-IX


Canvas Cards

    J1        [green dragon]                                   Jason Gadwin
    J2        [chartreuse cape]                                Jason Gadwin
    J3        [red dragon]                                     Jason Gadwin
    J4        [horned maiden]                                  Jason Gadwin
    JC1       [green warrior]                                  Jayson Kretzer
    MD1       [lizard man]                                     Matt Dixon
    --        Cow                                              Matt Dixon
    --        Rare Cow [# to 20]                               Matt Dixon

Glow-in-the-Dark Cards

    G1        Age of Sorcery [image from card I]               Carolyn Edwards
    G2        Dragon Fire [image from card II]                 Carolyn Edwards
    G3        Unicorns [image from card VI]                    Carolyn Edwards
    G4        Visitors to the Drowning Pool [from card X]      Matt Dixon

Mini-Chase Cards (2-1/2" x 1-1/2"; # to 160)

    MC1       [# to 160]                                       Robert Hack
    MC1       [# to  30]                                       Robert Hack
    MC1       [# to  20]                                       Robert Hack

Chase Card

Chase Card 1  [queen and barbarian]                            John Riggle
Chase Card 1  [queen and barbarian; green painted]             John Riggle
Chase Card 1  [queen and barbarian; red painted]               John Riggle
Chase Card 1  [queen and barbarian; blue painted]              John Riggle

Bonus Card

    BC1       Midnite Diner [Matt Dixon]


    B1        [gold/red/gray; # to 100]

Hand-Illustrated Sketch Cards (2-3:box)

     --       Kristin Allen
     --       Gerald De Dios
     --       Pablo Díaz
     --       Matt Dixon
     --       Carolyn Edwards
     --       Jason Goodwin
     --       Robert Hack
     --       Ryan Kincaid
     --       Jayson Kretzer
     --       Lee Lightfoot
     --       Clay McCormack
     --       Rhys McDonald
     --       Denise Parrish
     --       Jon Riggle
     --       Lance Sawyer
     --       Beck Seashols
     --       Sanna U.

Case-Topper Cards and Dealer Incentives

   Cow 1      Cow [double-sided canvas card]                   Matt Dixon
    --        [sketch card redemption]
    --        [other inserts]
    --        [multi-panel sketch cards (1:5 boxes)]


    P1        [breathing red dragon]                           Carolyn Edwards

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