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AIDS Awareness
Eclipse - 1993

Notes:  Card text by William Livingstone, Perry Gaskill, Althaea Yronwode, &
Catherine Yronwode; illustrations by Charles Hiscock & Greg Loudon; sticker
art by George Willett.  Thanks much to Marvin Reesman for the original checklist!

Box: 36 packs of 12 cards + 1 condom.
Common sets: approx. 3.90 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                Renown / Subtitle

People with AIDS

  1   Peter Allen                          Songwriter, Entertainer
  2   Arthur Ashe                          Tennis Star
  3   Howard Ashman                        Lyricist
  4   Way Brandy                           Makeup Artist
  5   Joseph Beam                          Writer, Editor, Gay Activist
  6   Michael Bennett/Nicholas Dante       Director/Writer
  7   Kimberly Bergalis/Dr. David Acer     Person with AIDS/Dentist
  8   Michael Callen                       Songwriter, AIDS Activist
  9   Tina Chow                            Model, Designer
 10   Roy Cohn                             Lawyer
 11   Brad Davis                           Actor
 12   "Jane Doe"                           Nurse
 13   Terry Dolan                          Conservative Fund-Raiser
 14   Casey Donovan                        Model, Actor
 15   Perry Ellis                          Fashion Designer
 16   Mary Fisher                          Republican Spokeswoman
 17   Michel Foucault                      Philosopher
 18   Rudi Gernreich                       Fashion Designer, Gay Activist
 19   Alison Gertz/Krista Blake            AIDS Activist/AIDS Activist
 20   Halston                              Fashion Designer
 21   Keith Haring                         Artist
 22   Robert Hattoy                        Environmentalist
 23   Emery Hetrick/Damien Martin          Psychiatrist/Professor
 24   Rock Hudson                          Actor
 25   Paul Jacobs                          Pianist
 26   Earvin "Magic" Johnson               Basketball Star
 27   Markalan Joplin                      Comic Book Writer, Musician
 28   Barry Laine/Robert Jacobson          Journalist/Journalist
 29   Liberace                             Pianist, Entertainer
 30   Charles Ludlam/Ethyl Eichelberger    Actor/Actor
 31   Robert Mapplethorpe                  Photographer
 32   Belinda Mason                        Journalist, AIDS Activist
 33   Leonard Matlovich                    War Hero, Gay Rights Activist
 34   Stewart B. McKinney                  Member of Congress
 35   Freddie Mercury                      Rock Star
 36   Paul Monette/Roger Horwitz           Author/Lawyer
 37   Rudolf Nureyev                       Ballet Dancer, Choreographer
 38   William Parker                       Baritone
 39   Anthony Perkins                      Actor
 40   Nick Perls                           Record Executive
 41   The Ray Family                       Hemophiliac Children
 42   Robert Reed                          Actor
 43   Tony Richardson                      Theater and Film Director
 44   Larry Riley                          Actor
 45   Max Robinson                         TV News Correspondent
 46   Steve Rubell                         Real Estate Developer
 47   Craig Russell                        Female Impersonator
 48   Vito Russo                           Film Historian, Gay Activist
 49   Sister Romana Marie Ryan             Roman Catholic Nun
 50   Cedric Sandiford                     Racist Attack Survivor
 51   Gregory Scarpa                       Mafia Boss
 52   Jerry Smith                          Football Player
 53   Clark Tippet                         Ballet Dancer, Choreographer
 54   Dr. Thomas Waddell                   Athlete, Physician
 55   Ryan White                           Student
 56   Ricky Wilson                         Rock Musician
 57   Questionable Deaths                  Did They Die of AIDS?

Medical Facts

 58   What Is AIDS?                        And What Causes It?
 59   Alternative Theories                 About the Cause of AIDS
 60   Who Gets AIDS?                       We Are All at Risk
 61   A Brief History                      Of AIDS
 62   Alternative Histories of AIDS        Biowarfare or Vaccine Error
 63   Sexual Transmission                  Of AIDS
 64   Safer Sex, Part One                  From Abstinence to Monogamy
 65   Safer Sex, Part Two                  From Kissing to Intercourse
 66   How to Put On a Condom
 67   Non-Sexual Transmission              Of AIDS
 68   Needle Exchange Programs             Help Stop HIV Transmission
 69   Should You Get Tested?               What the HIV Test Will Tell You
 70   Living with HIV                      Maintaining the Quality of Life
 71   AZT, DDI, and DDC                    Drugs that Fight HIV
 72   Dying of AIDS                        Opportunistic Infections
 73   Transmission Myths                   About AIDS
 74   Safety Myths                         About AIDS

Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

 75   Syphilis                             A Sexually Transmitted Disease
 76   Gonorrhea & Chlamydia            Sexually Transmitted Diseases
 77   Herpes & Genital Warts           Sexually Transmitted Diseases

AIDS Affects the World

 78   The Demographics of                  AIDS in Africa
 79   The Demographics of                  AIDS in Europe
 80   The Demographics of                  AIDS in Asia
 81   The Demographics of                  AIDS in North America
 82   The Demographics of                  AIDS in Australia
 83   The Demographics of                  AIDS in Latin America

North American AIDS Demographics

 84   Women                                And AIDS
 85   Heterosexual Men                     And AIDS
 86   Gay and Bisexual Men                 And AIDS
 87   Children                             And AIDS
 88   IV Drug Users                        And AIDS

AIDS and Society

 89   AIDS and Government                  12 Years of Neglect
 90   AIDS and Religion                    Dogma versus Conscience
 91   AIDS and the Law                     A Matter of Policy

The Fight Against AIDS

 92   Dr. James Curran                     The Centers for Disease Control
 93   Diana                                Princess of Wales, AIDS Activist
 94   Elizabeth Glasser                    Pediatric AIDS Foundation
 95   David Geffen                         Entertainment Exec, AIDS Activist
 96   Dr. C. Everett Koop                  Former Surgeon General
 97   Larry Kramer                         Writer, AIDS Activist
 98   Mathilde Krim                        Biologist, AmFAR Co-Founder
 99   Madonna                              Singer, Dancer, Actress
100   Dr. Luc Montagnier/Dr. Robert Gallo  Scientist/Scientist
101   Peter Pender                         Bridge Champ, Resort Owner
102   Dr. Jonas Salk                       Scientist
103   Randy Shilts                         Journalist
104   Elizabeth Taylor                     Actress, Philanthropist
105   ACT UP - PWAC                        AIDS Advocacy Groups
106   AIDS Memorial Quilt                  The Names Project
107   Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
108   GMHC - APLA - SFAF                   AIDS Service Organizations
109   AIDS Hotline Numbers                 For 25 Major U.S. Cities

110   AIDS Awareness Checklist

Condoms (1 per pack)

 --   (red)
 --   (green)
 --   (blue)
 --   (yellow)
 --   (opaque package)


Hotline Stickers (1:12 packs)

 A    Stop the Spread of AIDS
 B    Have Your Blood Tested
 C    How Many AIDS Quilts Does It Take to Cover the Earth?
 D    Don't Share 'Em - Dirty Needles Spread AIDS
 E    Siempre Con Condom
 F    I Use Condoms

Card Album

 --   (binder)
 --   (13 nine-pocket pages)


  5   Rock Hudson (overprinted "Prototype")

©2001, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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