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Airplane Pictures, Type 1
   Peco - c. 1938

Notes: Card fronts show color artwork and a title in a blue band at the 
card bottom. "Type 2" has its title in a red square and follows a different 
checklist. American Card Catalog reference is R8-1. Scans are posted at 
the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Seversky SEV-S2 Monoplane
  2   Martin 156-C33 to 53 Flying Boat
  3   Boeing 314 Clipper Plane
  4   Keith Ryder R-1 "Bumble Bee"
  5   Clark GA-43 Transport Monoplane
  6   Miles-Attwood Racing Monoplane
  7   Arup Round-Wing Monoplane
  8   Fairchild A-942 Amphibian
  9   Chester "The Jeep" Racing Plane
 10   Cee-Bee No. 11 Racing Monoplane
 11   Howard "Pete" Racing Plane
 12   Lockheed "Express" 3 Monoplane
 13   Stinson Reliant SR-9FD
 14   Lockheed Orion-Altair Special
 15   Kinner K Sport Two-Seater
 16   Pasped Skylark Sport Two-Seater
 17   Tilbury Flash Racing Plane
 18   Fairchild JK-1 U.S. Navy Plane
 19   Consolidated A-11 U.S. Army Plane
 20   Curtiss Wright 19R Trainer
 21   Howard "Mike" Racing Monoplane
 22   Stinson "A" Trik-Motor Monoplane
 23   Seversky BT-8 Army Trainer
 24   Seversky P-35 Army Pursuit Plane
 25   Arrow Sport Model F Two-Seater
 26   Wedell Williams "92" Racing Plane
 27   Northrop RT-1 Coast Guard Plane
 28   Boeing P-26A Army Pursuit Plane

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