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   Cameron Sales - 1942

Notes: Card fronts show color photos, while backs have pairs of company 
insignia. No numbers or manufacturer information are shown on the card. 
Complete sets were available through a wrapper mail-in-offer. American 
Card Catalog reference is R10. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards gallery.


   Bell P39
   Boeing Flying Fortress B17E
   Consolidated B24
   Consolidated PBY5A
   Corsair F4U
   Curtiss "Helldiver"
   Curtiss P40F
   Douglas A20
   Douglas C53
   Douglas Dauntless Dive Bomber
   Douglas Dauntless Scout Bomber
   Martin "Mariner" Bomber
   Grumman Amphibian Utility Plane
   Grumman "Avenger" Torpedo Bomber
   Grumman "Hellcat" F6F
   Grumman Wildcat
   "Kingfisher" Observation Scout Plane
   Lockheed P38
   Lockheed Twin Engined Patrol Bomber
   Lockheed "Ventura" Bomber
   Martin B26
   Mars Navy Flying Boat Service and Cargo
   Martin "Mariner" Bomber
   Naval Air Transport's Giant R4D Plane
   Navy's "Coronado" Flying Boat PB2Y2
   Navy's Martin Marauder
   North American B25
   North American P51
   Vought Sikorsky "Vindicator" (Scout Bomber)
   Vultee A31

Insignia Pairs (card backs; more are possible)

     1st Bombardment / 33rd Bombardment
     2nd Bombardment / 4th Bombardment
     3rd Fighter / 6th Fighter
     4th Troop Carrier / 6th Troop Carrier
     5th Bombardment / 7th Bombardment
     6th Bombardment / 48th Bombardment
     9th Troop Carrier / 41st Troop Carrier
    17th Bombardment / 19th Bombardment
    31st Bombardment / 33rd Bombardment
    34th Bombardment / 37th Bombardment
    41st Bombardment / 43rd Bombardment
    44th Bombardment / 45th Bombardment
    49th Bombardment / 50th Bombardment
    54th Bombardment / 55th Bombardment
    72nd Bombardment / 73rd Bombardment
    82nd Bombardment / 84tgh Bombardment
    87th Bombardment / 93rd Bombardment
   308th Bombardment / 309th Bombardment

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