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Airplane Pictures
   New England Confectionery - 1930s

Notes:  ACC reference number E195. Cards were distributed with Necco candies.

No.   Title

  1   Pitcairn "Super Mailwing"
  2   Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis" Monoplane
  3   Lockheed "Sirius" Low Wing Monoplane
  4   Vought "Corsair" Observation
  5   De Havilland "Moth" Biplane
  6   Lockheed "Vega" Monoplane
  7   Curtiss "Super Hawk" Pursuit P-5
  8   Fokker "F 10" Trimotor
  9   Curtiss "Robin" Monoplane
 10   Ford All-Metal Trimotor
 11   Curtiss "Tanager" Safety Plane
 12   Bellanca "CH 360" Seaplane

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