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Airplane Pictures, Type 2
   Peco - 1941

Notes: ACC reference number R8-2. Cards were issued by Pechuer Lozenge 
Company (Peco). The central card measures 1-5/16" x 2-13/16", but the narrow 
width is 2" if the tray flaps (which held the candy cigarettes in the package) are 
still connected at the perforations. Type 2 cards have the title in a red square; 
Type 1 cards (which have a completely different checklist) have the title in a 
blue band at the card bottom.

No.   Title

  1   Douglas TBD-1 Navy Torpedo Plane
  2   Grumman F4F-3 Navy Fighter
  3   Vought F4-U Navy Fighter Bomber Escort
  4   Grumman F3F-1 Navy Fighter
  5   Boeing B-17-B Heavy Army Bomber
  6   Ryan PT-20A Army Primary Trainer
  7   Stearman PT-13 Army Primary Trainer
  8   Bell P-39 Army Airacobra
  9   Curtiss P-40 Army Pursuit Fighter
 10   Lockheed P-38 Army Interceptor Pursuit
 11   Brewster F2A-2 Navy Fighter
 12   Republic P-43 Army Pursuit Fighter
 13   Vought OS2U-1 Navy Observation Scout
 14   Martin B-26 Army Medium Bomber
 15   Consolidated PDY-2 Navy Patrol Bomber
 16   Vought SV2U-2 Navy Scout Bomber
 17   Martin PBM-1 Navy Patrol Bomber
 18   Consolidated PB2Y-1 Navy Patrol Bomber
 19   Curtiss SBC-4 Navy Dive Bomber
 20   Consolidated PBY-5A Navy Patrol Bomber
 21   Curtiss SOC-1 Navy Scout Bomber
 22   Consolidated P2Y2 Navy Patrol Plane
 23   Douglas P3D1 Navy Patrol Bomber
 24   North American SNJ-2 Navy Scout Trainer
 25   Douglas A-20 A Army Attack Bomber
 26   Grumman F5F1 Navy Fighter
 27   Douglas B-19 Heavy Army Bomber
 28   Grumman JF1 Navy Utility Plane

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