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Aircraft Recognition Playing Cards
Department of the Army - 1979

Notes:  These cards were graphic training aids distributed to the U.S. Training
Aids Centers.  Extreme thanks to Tom Tyczkowski for the original checklist 
and to Kathy Green for the update!

Card       Name


 Ace       Buccaneer (UK)
  2        Ch-47 Chinook (USA)
  3        F-5 Freedom Fighter (USA)
  4        BO 105 (FRG)
  5        Tornado MRCA (UK/FRG/IT)
  6        Scout/Wasp (USA)
  7        Gazelle (FR)
  8        Hunter (UK)
  9        A-4 Skyhawk (USA)
 10        MI-4 Hound (USSR)
Jack       F-4 Phantom (USA)
Queen      Mig-27 Flogger D (USSR)
King       UH-1 Iriquois (USA)


 Ace       F-14 Tomcat (USA)
  2        OH-58 Kiowa (USA)
  3        MI-6 Hook (USSR)
  4        F/A-18 Hornet (USA)
  5        Mirage F-1 (FR)
  6        AH-64 Apache (USA)
  7        Lynx (UK)
  8        MI-8 Hip (USSR)
  9        Lightning (UK)
 10        A-7 Corsair (USA)
Jack       Alpha Jet (UK/FR)
Queen      A-10 Thunderbolt (USA)
King       SU-7 Fitter (USSR)


 Ace       Mirage III (FR)
  2        OV-1 Mowhawk (USA)
  3        IL-28 Beagle (USSR)
  4        YAK-28 Brewer (USSR)
  5        AN-12 Cub (USSR)
  6        CH-53 Sea Stallion (USA)
  7        Jaguar (UK/FR)
  8        G-91 (IT)
  9        Alouette III (FR)
 10        OV-10 Bronco (USA)
Jack       MIG-17 Fresco (USSR)
Queen      SU-19 Fencer (USSR)
King       AH-1 Cobra (USA)


 Ace       MI-24 Hind D (USSR)
  2        A-6 Intruder (USA)
  3        UH-60 Blackhawk (USA)
  4        Harrier AV-8 (USA)
  5        C-130 Hercules (USA)
  6        Puma (UK/FR)
  7        F-16 Fighting Falcon (USA)
  8        Cessna A-37 Dragonfly (USA)
  9        SU-17/20 Fitter B & C (USSR)
 10        F-104 Starfighter (USA)
Jack       F-15 Eagle (USA)
Queen      F-111 (USA)
King       Mig-21 Fishbed J (USSR)

Joker      SU-25 Frogfoot (USSR)

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