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Airplane Spotter Playing Cards - World War II
U.S. Games Systems, Inc. -  1990

Note:  Extreme thanks to Tom Tyczkowski for the checklist!

Card       Plane Type               Name


 Ace       U.S. Bomber              B-17E "Flying Fortress"
  2        U.S. Fighter             F-4F "Wildcat"
  3        U.S. Fighter             P=39 "Airacobra"
  4        U.S. Fighter             P-38 "Lightning"
  5        U.S. Fighter             P-40 "Warhawk"
  6        U.S. Dive Bomber         SBD or A-24 "Dauntless"
  7        U.S. Bomber              B-25C "Mitchell"
  8        U.S. Attack Bomber       A-20 "Havoc"
  9        U.S. Transport           C-47 "Skytrain"
 10        U.S. Fighter             P-47 "Thunderbolt"
Jack       U.S. Bomber              B-26 "Marauder"
Queen      U.S. Patrol Bomber       PBY "Catalina"
King       U.S. Bomber              B-24 "Liberator"


 Ace       German Bomber            Focke-Wulf FW 200
  2        German Fighter           Messerschmitt Me-109F
  3        German Torpedo Bomber    Heinkel He-115
  4        German Dive Bomber       "Stuka" Junkers Ju-87B
  5        German Float Plane       Arado Ar 196
  6        German Troop Transport   Junkers Ju 53/3 M
  7        German Fighter Bomber    Messerschmitt Me-110
  8        German Fighter           Messerschmitt Me-210
  9        German Bomber            Heinkel He-111K
 10        German Fighter           Focke-Wulf FW 190
Jack       German Dive Bomber       Junkers Ju-88A-1
Queen      German Bomber            Dornier Do-217 E-2
King       German Bomber            Heinkel He-177


 Ace       British Bomber           "Lancaster"
  2        British Dive Bomber      "Vengeance" (US A-31)
  3        British Fighter          "Beaufighter"
  4        British Fighter          "Mustang" (US P-51)
  5        British Fighter          "Hurricane"
  6        British Fighter          "Spitfire"
  7        British Bomber           "Wellington"
  8        British Bomber           "Stirling"
  9        British Bomber           "Beaufort"
 10        British Bomber           "Hudson" (US A-29)
Jack       British Fighter          "Typhoon"
Queen      British Bomber           "Halifax"
King       British Flying Boat      "Sunderland"


 Ace       Japanese Fighter         Mitsubishi Type 0 "Zeke"
  2        Italian Torpedo Bomber   Savoia SM 79
  3        Italian Fighter          Macchi C 202
  4        Italian Bomber           Cant Z1007bis
  5        Italian Fighter          Reggiane Re-2001
  6        Japanese Torpedo Bomber  Mitsubishi Type 97 "Kate"
  7        Japanese Light Bomber    Kawasaki Type 97 "Mary"
  8        Japanese Float Plane     Nakijima Type 95 "Dave"
  9        Japanese Dive Bomber     Aichi Type 99 "Val"
 10        Japanese Heavy Bomber    Mitsubishi Type 96 "Nell"
Jack       Japanese Flying Boat     Kawanishi Type 97 "Mavis"
Queen      Japanese Medium Bomber   Mitsubishi Type 1 "Betty"
King       Japanese Heavy Bomber    Mitsubishi Type 97 "Sally"

Joker      (Title Card)

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