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Alaska King Crab (Playing Cards)
Cramer Sports Promotions - 1978

Note:  Each card face features a photo of a fishing craft, while the card front 
depicts a King Crab.

  Card #             Craft

 A  Spades           Ocean Harvester
 2  Spades           Ocean Spray
 3  Spades           Viking
 4  Spades           Northwestern
 5  Spades           Pacific Voyager
 6  Spades           Ocean Fury
 7  Spades           Paul Lin
 8  Spades           Nordic Star
 9  Spades           North Pacific
10  Spades           Renown
 J  Spades           Katie K
 Q  Spades           Peggy Jo
 K  Spades           Pacific Viking

 A  Hearts           Bering Sea
 2  Hearts           Endeavor
 3  Hearts           Norseman
 4  Hearts           Confidence
 5  Hearts           Ocean Leader
 6  Hearts           Intrepid
 7  Hearts           West Point
 8  Hearts           Tradewind
 9  Hearts           Akutan
10  Hearts           Seaview
 J  Hearts           Pengwin
 Q  Hearts           Judi B
 K  Hearts           Royal Viking

 A  Diamonds         Scorpio
 2  Diamonds         Rosie G
 3  Diamonds         Mar-Gun
 4  Diamonds         Valiant
 5  Diamonds         Billikin
 6  Diamonds         Aleut Pride
 7  Diamonds         Amatuli
 8  Diamonds         Pacific Fisher
 9  Diamonds         Alaska Sea
10  Diamonds         Galaxy
 J  Diamonds         Alaskan Beauty
 Q  Diamonds         Royal Pacific
 K  Diamonds         Royal Atlantic

 A  Clubs            North American
 2  Clubs            Sea Rover
 3  Clubs            Tempest
 4  Clubs            Starfish
 5  Clubs            Americana
 6  Clubs            Viceroy
 7  Clubs            Vic Hansen
 8  Clubs            Shellfish
 9  Clubs            Calista Sea
10  Clubs            Aleutian Spray
 J  Clubs            Sea Ern
 Q  Clubs            Viking Queen
 K  Clubs            Polar Sea

--  Joker (black)    During the winter months the fishing boats ply
--  Joker (red)      The fishing boats deliver their catch

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