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Alias Season One
   Inkworks - 2002

Notes:  Thanks to Marcia Fanchin and Tim Lipani for updates! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 8 foiled cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.32 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                                   Episode or Subset

    1    Alias Season One Premium Trading Cards  Title Card
    2    Secrets and Lies                        01.01 / Truth Be Told
    3    On the Run                              01.01 / Truth Be Told
    4    Maid Service                            01.02 / So It Begins
    5    Devil in a Blue Dress                   01.02 / So It Begins
    6    Casual Encounter                        01.03 / Parity
    7    An Intimate Moment                      01.03 / Parity
    8    Who's the Enemy?                        01.04 / A Broken Heart
    9    Hidden Weapon                           01.04 / A Broken Heart
   10    Sharing a Secret                        01.05 / Doppelganger
   11    Watching and Waiting                    01.05 / Doppelganger
   12    Full Circle                             01.06 / Reckoning
   13    Dead Men's Tales                        01.06 / Reckoning
   14    Cuckoo's Nest                           01.07 / Color Blind
   15    No More Lies                            01.07 / Color Blind
   16    Under Suspicion                         01.08 / Time Will Tell
   17    The Whole Truth?                        01.08 / Time Will Tell
   18    Agent Down                              01.09 / Mea Culpa
   19    Someone's Listening                     01.09 / Mea Culpa
   20    Whodunit                                01.10 / Spirit
   21    Twisted Web                             01.10 / Spirit
   22    Who To Trust                            01.11 / The Confession
   23    All in the Family                       01.11 / The Confession
   24    Under Siege                             01.12 / The Box, Pt 1
   25    Working for the Man                     01.12 / The Box, Pt 1
   26    Teamwork                                01.13 / The Box, Pt 2
   27    Unyielding                              01.13 / The Box, Pt 2
   28    Deception                               01.14 / The Coup
   29    Betrayal                                01.14 / The Coup
   30    Dinner with Friends                     01.15 / Page 47
   31    The Purloined Page                      01.15 / Page 47
   32    Dilemma                                 01.16 / The Prophecy
   33    One Calm Moment                         01.16 / The Prophecy
   34    Dear Old Dad                            01.17 / Q&A
   35    Breakout                                01.17 / Q&A
   36    Just Tourists                           01.18 / Masquerade
   37    Moving On                               01.18 / Masquerade
   38    Left Hanging                            01.19 / Snowman
   39    Unmasked                                01.19 / Snowman
   40    Disguised                               01.20 / The Solution
   41    Face of a Friend                        01.20 / The Solution
   42    Enticing                                01.21 / Rendezvous
   43    Exposed                                 01.21 / Rendezvous
   44    Losses                                  01.22 / Almost Thirty Years
   45    Reunion                                 01.22 / Almost Thirty Years
   46    Sloane, Arvin                           SD-6 Agent Profile
   47    Bristow, Sydney                         SD-6 Agent Profile
   48    Dixon, Marcus R.                        SD-6 Agent Profile
   49    Flinkman, Marshall J.                   SD-6 Agent Profile
   50    Bristow, Jonathan D. (Jack)             SD-6 Agent Profile
   51    Vaughn, Michael C.             Agent Profile
   52    Weiss, Eric                    Agent Profile
   53    Barnett, Judy                  Agent Profile
   54    Cole, McKenas                  Civilian Profile
   55    Sark                           Civilian Profile
   56    The Snowman (aka Noah Hicks)   Civilian Profile
   57    Tippin, William D. (Will)               SD-6 Surveillance Profile
   58    Calfo, Francine D. (Francie)            SD-6 Surveillance Profile
   59    Psychic and Alchemist                   Rambaldi Prophecy
   60    A Frozen Moment                         Rambaldi Prophecy
   61    Wealth of Knowledge                     Rambaldi Prophecy
   62    The Prophecy Revealed                   Rambaldi Prophecy
   63    The Heart of the Matter                 Rambaldi Prophecy
   64    Genius at Work                          Marshall's Workshop
   65    Heartbeat                               Marshall's Workshop
   66    Added Value                             Marshall's Workshop
   67    A-Okay                                  Marshall's Workshop
   68    At His Best                             Marshall's Workshop
   69    Cool and Undercover [Sydney]            Friends and Partners
   70    Token of Affection                      Friends and Partners
   71    Breaking Rules                          Friends and Partners
   72    Cool and Undercover [Vaughn]            Friends and Partners
   73    Remembering Mom                         Family Ties
   74    Working with Dad                        Family Ties
   75    Fondly Paternalistic                    Family Ties
   76    from Almost Thirty Years                Behind the Scenes
   77    Director on the Set                     Behind the Scenes
   78    Exterior Shot                           Behind the Scenes
   79    Can You Hear Me?                        Behind the Scenes
   80    AKA                                     Behind the Scenes
   81    Checklist


Secret Lives Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

  SL1    Sydney: "I'm working with friends who have no
  SL2    Sydney: "I was gonna lie about it to you, too
  SL3    Sydney: "When I joined I thought I was gonna b
  SL4    Sydney: "I don't want to do this job anymore."
  SL5    Will: "Who leads a double life like this? Seri
  SL6    Sydney: "... the truth is, it affects me. Neve
  SL7    Sydney: "I know that you have questions, and..
  SL8    Sydney: "Sometimes all I want to do is disappe
  SL9    Dixon to Sydney: "How am I supposed to know wh

Double Agent Heat-Sensitive Cards (1:17 packs)

   D1    Q: Do you have a non-SD-6 codename?
   D2    Q: Do you know the true whereabouts of Irina D
   D3    Q: Do you still harbor feelings for Irina Dere
   D4    Q: Do you have any knowledge regarding the whe
   D5    Q: Do you have any intel regarding the identit
   D6    Q: What is your relationship with Agent Sydney

Box-Loader Cards

  BL1    Suit & Glasses
  BL2    Cole
  BL3    Sark

Case-Loader Card

  CL1    (Sydney)

Autographed Cards (1:39 packs)

   A1    Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow (most rare)
   A2    J. J. Abrams - Creator and Executive Producer
   A3    Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
   A4    Bradley Cooper as Will Tippin
   A5    Merrin Dungey as Francine Calfo
   A6    Lindsay Crouse as Dr. Carson Evans
   A7    Ric Young as Taiwanese Torturer

Pieceworks Costume Cards (1:78 packs)

  PW1    Latex dress worn by Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow                             So It Begins
  PW2    Metal dress worn by Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow (by redemption)             The Coup
  PW3    Beaded hat worn by Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow (by redemption, most rare)   The Coup
  PR1    (Redemption Card)

Agent Profile Card (1:90 packs)

CIA 47 Agent Profile

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 299)

   --    (9-card panel of Secret Lives puzzle cards)

Card Album

   --    Alias (Padded binder)


   P0    Sometimes the truth hurts (San Diego Comic Con)
   G1    Coming December 2002 (Non-Sport Update Gummie Award exclusive)
   --    Coming December 2002 (Dealer sell sheet, double-sided)

      CD cards (promote card set and CDs)

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