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Alias Season Three
   Inkworks - 2004

Notes:  Thanks much to Peter Vermaele and Dave Foster for updates! 
Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 8 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.28 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title                                          Episode

  01    (Title Card)
  02    Restored                                       03.01  The Two
  03    Extortion                                      03.01  The Two
  04    Switch                                         03.01  The Two
  05    Unexpected                                     03.02  Succession
  06    Dressy                                         03.03  Reunion
  07    Uniform                                        03.03  Reunion
  08    Familiar                                       03.04  A Missing Link
  09    Betrayed                                       03.04  A Missing Link
  10    Mole                                           03.05  Repercussions
  11    Fold                                           03.05  Repercussions
  12    Phoenix                                        03.06  The Nemesis
  13    Ghost                                          03.06  The Nemesis
  14    Trust                                          03.07  Prelude
  15    Interference                                   03.07  Prelude
  16    Tortured                                       03.08  Breaking Point
  17    Absolution                                     03.08  Breaking Point
  18    Deal                                           03.09  Conscious
  19    Memories                                       03.09  Conscious
  20    Reunited                                       03.10  Remnants
  21    Payback                                        03.10  Remnants
  22    Revelation                                     03.11  Full Disclosure
  23    Traumatic                                      03.11  Full Disclosure
  24    Farewell                                       03.12  Crossings
  25    Relative                                       03.12  Crossings
  26    Playmakers                                     03.13  After Six
  27    Lucky                                          03.13  After Six
  28    Undercover                                     03.14  Blowback
  29    Choices                                        03.14  Blowback
  30    Deceit                                         03.15  Facade
  31    Reality                                        03.15  Facade
  32    Family                                         03.16  Taken
  33    Tradeoff                                       03.16  Taken
  34    Happiness                                      03.17  The Frame
  35    Clues                                          03.17  The Frame
  36    Suspicion                                      03.18  Unveiled
  37    Guilty                                         03.18  Unveiled
  38    Raid                                           03.19  Hourglass
  39    Condemned                                      03.19  Hourglass
  40    Captured                                       03.20  Blood Ties
  41    Recovered                                      03.20  Blood Ties
  42    Obsessed                                       03.21  Legacy
  43    Desperate                                      03.21  Legacy
  44    Ironic                                         03.22  Resurrection
  45    Showdown                                       03.22  Resurrection

CIA Profiles

  46    Bristow, Jack D.
  47    Bristow, Sydney A.
  48    Dixon, Marcus R.
  49    Flinkman, Marshall J.
  50    Vaughn, Michael C.
  51    Weiss, Eric
  52    Kendall
  53    Barnett, Judy
  54    Derevko, Yekaterina
  55    Reed, Lauren
  56    Sark, Julian
  57    Sloane, Arvin
  58    Santos, Nadia
  59    Cole, McKenas
  60    Doren, Allison Georgia

The Insidious Mr. Sark

  61    Arrogant
  62    Captured
  63    Battered

Marshall's Tech Emporium

  64    Dad
  65    Inspired
  66    Distracted
  67    Curious
  68    Caffeinated
  69    Precise
  70    Wanted
  71    Observant

Family Matters

  72    Julia's Friend: Lazarey + Sydney
  73    Serpent's Tooth: Sark + Lazarey
  74    In Laws: Jack + Katya
  75    Daddy's Girl: Jack + Sydney
  76    The Senator: Lauren + George
  77    His Wife: Olivia + Lauren
  78    Sisters: Sydney + Nadia
  79    Reunion: Sloane + Nadia
  80    Auntie: Katya + Sydney

  81    Checklist


"The Lost Years" Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

  L1    Mourned
  L2    Tortured
  L3    Killer
  L4    Julia
  L5    The Quest
  L6    Memories
  L7    Goodbye
  L8    Kendall
  L9    The Cube

Wicked Games Cards (1:17 packs)

 WG1    Assassination                                  Full Disclosure
 WG2    Secrets                                        Taken
 WG3    Threats                                        Blowback
 WG4    Back-Up                                        The Frame
 WG5    Deception                                      Resurrection
 WG6    Masquerade                                     Resurrection

Autographed Cards (1:24 packs)

 A20    Melissa George as Lauren Reed (scarce)
 A21    David Cronenberg as Dr. Edward Brezzel (scarce)
 A22    Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos
 A23    David Carradine as Conrad (scarce)
 A24    Vivica A. Fox as Toni Cummings (scarce; by redemption)
 A25    Amanda Foreman as Carrie Bowman
 A26    Mark Bramhall as Andrian Lazarey
 A27    Justin Theroux as Simon Walker
 A28    Raymond Barry as Senator George Reed
 A29    Kurt Fuller as NSC Dir. Robert Lindsey
 A30    Peggy Lipton as Olivia Reed
 A31    Ian Buchanan as Johannes Gathrid
 AR1    (autograph redemption card)

Pieceworks Cards (1:24 packs)

 PW1    Dress - Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow      Repercussions
 PW2    Slacks - Michael Vartan as Michael Vaughn      Full Disclosure
 PW3    Shirt - Melissa George as Lauren Reed          Reunion
 PW4    Sweater - David Anders as Julian Sark          After Six
 PW5    Jacket - Ron Rifkin as Arvin Sloane            Reunion
 PW6    Blouse - Isabella Rossellini as Katya Derevko  Legacy
 PW7    Sweater - Victor Garber as Jack Bristow        Crossings
 PW8    Shirt - Carl Lumbly as Marcus Dixon            Facade
 PW9    Top - Kevin Weisman as Marshall Flinkman       Blowback

"Betrayal" Box Topper Cards

 BL1    Vaughn/Lauren                                  The Frame
 BL2    Lauren/Sark                                    Blowback
 BL3    Vaughn/Sydney                                  Resurrection

Box Topper Promos (1 of each per box)

APO-1   The APO Series - Books from Simon Spotlight Entertainment
ABC1    Alias Returns January 2005 - ABC

Case Topper Autographed Card

 CL1    Julie Bell (Original painting of Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow)

"The Lost Years" Uncut Sheet (numbered to 299; sold separately)

  --    (9-up panel of L-1 through L-9)

Card Album (sold separately)

  --    Alias (binder)


A3-1    (Sydney featuring R shoulder; general distribution)
A3-2    (Sydney in brown leather; Non-Sport Update)
A3-UK   (Sydney in white top; Cards Inc.)
A3-MS   (Sydney in green top; UK Memorabilia Show)
A3-i    (Sydney in white top;, New Jersey Non-Sport Card Show)
SD-1    (Sydney in green top; 2004 San Diego Comic Con)
 --     It's More Exciting with Three (dealer sell sheet)

Tangled 7-card Preview Set (UK Memorabilia 2004; exclusive to Cards Inc.)

  T1    Sydney Bristow
  T2    Sydney Bristow & Michael Vaughn
  T3    Lauren Reed & Michael Vaughn
  T4    Sydney Bristow & Jack Bristow
  T5    Sydney Bristow & Arvin Sloane
  T6    Sydney Bristow & Lauren Reed
  T7    Fathers & Daughters

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