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Alias Season 4
   Inkworks - 2006

Notes: The PR8 puzzle card was mistakenly printed with a second PR9 numbering. 
Thanks much to Lauri Soffen, Barbara Chance, and Ray Tucker for updates! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 8 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.29 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title / Description                               Episode / Subset

 01    Alias Season Four [title card]                    04-01: Authorized Personnel Only
 02    Working for Sloane                                04-01: Authorized Personnel Only
 03    Meant to Be                                       04-01: Authorized Personnel Only
 04    The Hit                                           04-02: Authorized Personnel Only, Pt. 2
 05    Mourning                                          04-02: Authorized Personnel Only, Pt. 2
 06    Undercover                                        04-03: The Awful Truth
 07    Revenge                                           04-03: The Awful Truth
 08    Peril                                             04-04: Ice
 09    Backup                                            04-04: Ice
 10    New Couple                                        04-05: Welcome to Liberty Village
 11    Neighbors                                         04-05: Welcome to Liberty Village
 12    Catching                                          04-06: Nocturne
 13    Webs                                              04-06: Nocturne
 14    Mission Planning                                  04-07: Detente
 15    Improvisation                                     04-07: Detente
 16    Hostage                                           04-08: Echoes
 17    Sprung                                            04-08: Echoes
 18    Deal                                              04-09: A Man of His Word
 19    Imposter                                          04-09: A Man of His Word
 20    Subterfuge                                        04-10: The Index
 21    Endgame                                           04-10: The Index
 22    Betrayal                                          04-11: The Road Home
 23    New Life                                          04-11: The Road Home
 24    Acquiring Plans                                   04-12: The Orphan
 25    The Past Returns                                  04-12: The Orphan
 26    Entombed                                          04-13: Tuesday
 27    Not Jack Bristow                                  04-13: Tuesday
 28    Vaughn's Quest                                    04-14: Nightingale
 29    Father's Duty                                     04-14: Nightingale
 30    Suspicious                                        04-15: Pandora
 31    Truth                                             04-15: Pandora
 32    Simulation                                        04-16: Another Mister Sloane
 33    Set Up                                            04-16: Another Mister Sloane
 34    Genuine                                           04-16: Another Mister Sloane
 35    Concerned                                         04-17: A Clean Conscience
 36    Collateral                                        04-17: A Clean Conscience
 37    Listening                                         04-18: Mirage
 38    Fatal                                             04-18: Mirage
 39    Another Alias                                     04-18: Mirage
 40    Confrontation                                     04-19: In Dreams
 41    Fantasy                                           04-19: In Dreams
 42    Reality                                           04-19: In Dreams
 43    Bugged                                            04-20: The Descent
 44    Secret Romance                                    04-20: The Descent
 45    Waiting                                           04-20: The Descent
 46    Mistaken                                          04-21: Search and Rescue
 47    Rescued                                           04-21: Search and Rescue
 48    Reunited                                          04-21: Search and Rescue
 49    Proposal                                          04-21: Search and Rescue
 50    Disaster                                          04-22: Before the Flood
 51    Mastermind                                        04-22: Before the Flood
 52    Infected                                          04-22: Before the Flood
 53    Determined                                        04-22: Before the Flood
 54    Doomed                                            04-22: Before the Flood
 55    Sydney Bristow                                    APO Staff Memo Profiles
 56    Jack Bristow                                      APO Staff Memo Profiles
 57    Arvin Sloane                                      APO Staff Memo Profiles
 58    Marcus Dixon                                      APO Staff Memo Profiles
 59    Marshall Flinkman                                 APO Staff Memo Profiles
 60    Michael Vaughn                                    APO Staff Memo Profiles
 61    Nadia Santos                                      APO Staff Memo Profiles
 62    Eric Weiss                                        APO Staff Memo Profiles
 63    Hayden Chase                                      APO Staff Memo Profiles
 64    Busted                                            Marshall's Tech Emporium
 65    Recruited                                         Marshall's Tech Emporium
 66    In the Lab                                        Marshall's Tech Emporium
 67    Quality Control                                   Marshall's Tech Emporium
 68    Mobbed Up                                         Marshall's Tech Emporium
 69    Flinkman Sr. & Jr.                                Marshall's Tech Emporium
 70    Ingenious                                         Marshall's Tech Emporium
 71    Innovating                                        Marshall's Tech Emporium
 72    Bluffing                                          Marshall's Tech Emporium
 73    Irina Derevko                                     Sisters
 74    Katya Derevko                                     Sisters
 75    Elena Derevko                                     Sisters
 76    Sydney Bristow                                    Sisters
 77    Nadia Santos                                      Sisters
 78    Sloane                                            Arvin's Secrets
 79    Clone                                             Arvin's Secrets
 80    Daughter                                          Arvin's Secrets
 81    Checklist


Predictions Foil Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

PR1    Sydney: She was describing the symbology of ..    4.08: Echoes
PR2    Sydney: According to Rambaldi, only one of the    4.08: Echoes
PR3    Nadia: Are you kidding me? Change my life beca    4.08: Echoes
PR4    Sydney: You wanna talk about beliefs? This is     4.08: Echoes
PR5    Sloane: Rambaldi had a role for you to play. I    04-20: The Descent
PR6    Irina: Look. Rambaldi wrote, "when blood red h    04-22: Before the Flood
PR7    Irina: I just can't shake the feeling that ton    04-22: Before the Flood
PR9    (Chevrons pictured) Irina: Three years ago, wh
PR9    Irina: Three years ago, when I told you, you w    04.22: Before the Flood [Artifacts pictured]

Regrets Die-Cut Cards (1:17 packs)

 R1    Jack Killing Irina
 R2    Sloane's Rambadi Obsession
 R3    Sydney Hating Jack
 R4    Vaughn's Search for His Father                    4.15: Pandora
 R5    Jack's Dedication to His Job                      4.18: Mirage
 R6    Sloane Prove's He's Trustworthy                   4.22: Before the Flood

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

A32    Joel Grey as Mr. Sloane II / Ned Bolger
A33    Gina Torres as Anna Espinosa (by redemption)
A34    Sonia Braga as Elena Derevko
A35    Michael McKean as Dr. Atticus Liddell
A36    Elya Baskin as Dr. Joseph Vlachko
A37    Izabella Scorupco as Sabina
A38    Anthony Cistaro as Michael Guinot
A39    Robin Sachs as Hans Dietrich
A40    Angus Scrimm as Calvin McCullough
ATS    Ron Rifkin & Joel Grey as the Two Sloanes (dual autograph card)
AR-1   (autograph redemption card)

Pieceworks Costume Cards (1:24 packs)

PW1    Black dress worn by Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow   Mirage
PW2    Top worn by Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow           The Nightingale
PW3    Red t-shirt worn by Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos         The Orphan
PW4    Teal dress worn by Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos          The Orphan
PW5    Hospital gown worn by Carl Lumbly as Marcus Dixon       The Descent
PW6    Jacket worn by Carl Lumbly as Marcus Dixon              A Clean Conscience
PW7    Black jacket worn by Michael Vartan as Michael Vaughn   Before the Flood
PW8    Black t-shirt worn by Michael Vartan as Michael Vaughn  Nocturne
PW9    Tan jacket worn by Victor Garber as Jack Bristow        Search and Rescue
PW10   Tuxedo shirt worn by Victor Garber as Jack Bristow      Search and Rescue

Fathers and Daughters Box-Loaders

BL1    Jack and Sydney                                   The Descent
BL2    Jack and Arvin                                    Before the Flood
BL3    Arvin and Nadia                                   In Dreams

Case-Loader Card

CL1    Reality Collides                                  Before the Flood

Card Album (sold separately)

 --    (binder)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --    (9-up panel of Predictions puzzle; numbered to 199)

Multi-Case Incentive Cards

PW2    Variant: Dual swatch (3 cases)                    The Nightingale
PW2    Variant: Vest with ribbon trim (8 cases)          The Nightingale


P1     (Sydney left profile)
P2     (Sydney and Nadia; Non-Sport Update)
PSD    (Sydney face forward; San Diego Comic Con)
P-UK   (Sydney, Jack, and Sloan; UK exclusive)
P-i    (Sydney and Vaughn; exclusive)
 --    (dealer sell sheet; double-sided)

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