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   Star Pics - 1992

Note:  If my experience is a guide, this set was plagued by a few manufacturing
problems, including a dull cutting blade that gave minor "shredding" to the edges
of the backs of the cards, and card #60 was usually cut at a slight angle at the top.
Many sets that are offered would probably grade as near-mint to a discerning
collector.  Thanks to Jan Burns Cederquist for providing the card text for the list,
and to Albert Joseph for the update! We also added the titles from the printed 
checklist card #80, though those titles do not appear on the cards themselves.

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.61 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text / Title                                    Datalog / Type                Title on Set Checklist

  1   All seemed well. Hicks' injuries were serious, but   Date and Time Unknown         Cryotubes
  2   In hypersleep, light-years are condensed into huma   Date and Time Unknown         Ripley in Cryotube
  3   I don't know how long the Emergency Evacuation Veh   Approx. 0:700 Hours, Day 1    Ripley Found
  4   The EEV crashed on the planet Fiorina 161, a class   Approx. 0:700 Hours, Day 1    Ripley's Rescue
  5   Each prisoner at the Weyland-Yutani Prison Facilit   Approx. 0:800 Hours, Day 1    Barcode
  6   I demanded to see Newt. Medical Officer Clemens le   Approx. 0:1000 Hours, Day 1   Morgue
  7   The bodies of Newt and Hicks had to be cremated. I   Approx. 0:1200 Hours, Day 1   Cremation
  8   An Alien grows inside a living organism, then expl   Approx. 0:200 Hours, Day 2    Alien Emerging from Dog
  9   An Alien can develop very quickly. I've seen chest   Approx. 0:200 Hours, Day 2    Alien Skin
 10   Andrews announced that prisoner Murphy was killed    Approx. 0:400 Hours, Day 2    Fan
 11   Murphy was a victim of the Alien, not a freak acci   Approx. 0:400 Hours, Day 2    Murphy's Attack
 12   I finally found Bishop - or rather part of him - b   Approx. 0:800 Hours, Day 2    Hooking Up Bishop
 13   They must have come face-to-face with the Alien in   Approx. 0:900 Hours, Day 2    Fleeing the Alien
 14   We found Golic in the kitchen, battered and blood-   Approx. 0:900 Hours, Day 2    Golic Returns
 15   I was confined to the infirmary after telling Andr   Approx. 0:1000 Hours, Day 2   Ripley and Clemens
 16   Silently, it dropped down from the ceiling of the    Approx. 0:1000 Hours, Day 2   Alien in Infirmary
 17   In a matter of seconds, the Alien attacked Clemens   Approx. 0:1000 Hours, Day 2   Clemens' Attack
 18   The Alien crept closer to me. So close, I could fe   Approx. 0:1000 Hours, Day 2   Face-to-Face
 19   It snatched up Superintendent Andress right in fro   Approx. 0:1000 Hours, Day 2   Andrew's Attack
 20   Somewhere in the intricate maze of air ducts and p   Approx. 0:1100 Hours, Day 2   Alien in Passageway
 21   We had no leader, no weapons, no way to fight it.    Approx. 0:1300 Hours, Day 2   Ripley and Prisoners
 22   We were all armed with flares, hoping to flush the   Approx. 0:1400 Hours, Day 2   Explosion
 23   A huge fireball tore through the passageways when    Approx. 0:1400 Hours, Day 2   Alien in Fire
 24   Just when we thought we were safe, the Alien appea   Approx. 0:1500 Hours, Day 2   Toxic Waste Disposal Room
 25   I left Golic under guard by Morse. Golic was still   Approx. 0:1700 Hours, Day 2   Golic in Straight Jacket
 26   Dillon was my only chance to help me kill the Alie   Approx. 0:1800 Hours, Day 2   Dillon's Cell
 27   I startled it from its nest inside the infirmary a   Approx. 0:2000 Hours, Day 2   Alien Attacks Ripley
 28   The new plan was to flush it out of the passageway   Approx. 0:2200 Hours, Day 2   Lead Works
 29   I heard Kevin give his signal, "Door C9 closed." T   Approx. 0:200 Hours, Day 3    Alien Stalking Prisoners
 30   The screams had died down to mere echoes and hushe   Approx. 0:200 Hours, Day 3    Dillon Finds Body
 31   I could hear Jude screaming. But I couldn't tell w   Approx. 0:200 Hours, Day 3    Jude in East Wing
 32   I caught sight of Dillon trying to rescue Kevin. T   Approx. 0:200 Hours, Day 3    Dillon's Battle
 33   The Alien appeared in the main corridor, slowly st   Approx. 0:200 Hours, Day 3    Alien
 34   Dillon rounded the corner just as I was confrontin   Approx. 0:300 Hours, Day 3    Hostage
 35   The Alien was trapped in the lead mould. But so we   Approx. 0:300 Hours, Day 3    Trapped in Lead Works
 36   I could see them across the way; they had finally    Approx. 0:300 Hours, Day 3    Company Men Arrive
 37   From out of the shadows came Bishop. The company h   Approx. 0:300 Hours, Day 3    Bishop II Arrives
 38   I wanted to believe him, but I couldn't take the c   Approx. 0:300 Hours, Day 3    Ripley on Platform
 39   In one of the original scenes for Alien3, oxen are   Outtakes                      Ox in Abattoir
 40   Another of the original scenes from Alien3 include   Outtakes                      Prisoner Holding Alien
 41   In this original scene from Alien3, prisoner Murph   Outtakes                      Close-up
 42   Planet Surface                                       Behind the Scenes
 43   Alien Head - Rubber Model                            Behind the Scenes
 44   Foam Rubber Coating                                  Behind the Scenes
 45   Alien Puppet 1                                       Behind the Scenes
 46   Alien Puppet 2                                       Behind the Scenes
 47   Sound Stage                                          Behind the Scenes
 48   Lead Works Set                                       Behind the Scenes
 49   Under Construction                                   Behind the Scenes
 50   Finishing Touches                                    Behind the Scenes
 51   Laser Disc Composite System                          Behind the Scenes
 52   Alien Torso 1                                        Behind the Scenes
 53   Alien3                                               Behind the Scenes
 54   Camera Setup                                         Behind the Scenes
 55   Alien Torso 2                                        Behind the Scenes
 56   Ceiling Maneuvers                                    Behind the Scenes
 57   Suiting Up                                           Behind the Scenes
 58   Ready to Pounce                                      Behind the Scenes
 59   File No. 121156                                      Weyland-Yutani                Murphy
 60   File No. M32201                                      Weyland-Yutani                Clemens
 61   File No. 132749                                      Weyland-Yutani                Dillon
 62   File No. M51021                                      Weyland-Yutani                Andrews
 63   File No. M47699                                      Weyland-Yutani                Aaron
 64   File No. 120049                                      Weyland-Yutani                Golic
 65   File No. 127251                                      Weyland-Yutani                Junior
 66   File No. 123748                                      Weyland-Yutani                Boggs
 67   File No. 117309                                      Weyland-Yutani                Rains
 68   File No. 138796                                      Weyland-Yutani                Jude
 69   File No. 137472                                      Weyland-Yutani                Morse
 70   File No. M25870                                      Weyland-Yutani                Bishop II
 71   They left us stranded here because we were sick.                                   Tim Sale
 72   It started when we found the crashed ship.                                         Chris Warner  
 73   Burned out. Nobody on board... We thought.                                         Chris Warner
 74   We found it  Brought it back...                                                    Hoang Nguyen
 75   Roger disappeared. I found him.                                                    Paul Gulacy
 76   What happened to Anne?                                                             Paul Guinan
 77   I'm left here...                                                                   Tim Bradstreet
 78   ... to die...                                                                      Hoang Nguyen
 79   ... alone.                                                                         Ron Randall
 80   Alien 3                                              Checklist

 --   Dark Horse Comics [1-per-pack advertising insert; unnumbered]

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