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Aliens & Earthlings
NonSports Illustrated - 1993

Notes: Limited Edition of 1000 numbered sets with black-and-white artwork 
by Wes Crum. Sample scans are shown at the Monsterwax website. Thanks 
much to Uschi Lohnes for the list!

No.   Title

  1   Aliens & Earthlings
  2   Foo Fighters
  3   Secret Weapon
  4   Major Jesse Marcel
  5   Restricted Area
  6   Alien Casualties
  7   Recovery Operation
  8   Transporting the Bodies
  9   Bodies in the Basement
 10   Truman Takes Charge
 11   MJ-12
 12   Air Force Casualty
 13   Donald E. Keyhoe
 14   EBE Captured
 15   A Live Grey
 16   Removing the Evidence
 17   The Day the Earth stood still
 18   Washington D.C.
 19   Fighter Pilot Encounter
 20   Ike Takes a Peek
 21   George Adamski
 22   A Spaceman from Venus
 23   Tall and Blonde
 24   Come with us
 25   Crash at Kecksburg
 26   Charley Hickson
 27   Incident at Falkville
 28   Travis Walton
 29   Eduard Billy Meier
 30   The Cash Landrum Incident
 31   Visitors from Space
 32   Abduction
 33   In the Middle of the Night
 34   Underground Alien Bases
 35   Specimens
 36   Bob Lazar
 37   Area S-4
 38   Top Gun
 39   Prototype Test Flight
 40   The ăReal" Hangar 18
 41   UFO Chase over Belgium
 42   Airliner Encounters
 43   Aliens in our Midst
 44   The Near Future
 45   The Right to know
 46   untitled, numbered

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