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Alien Legacy
Inkworks - 1998

Notes:  Thanks much to Genny Carr for the original list and to Michael
Witoski for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.16 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                             Type

  1   Alien Legacy                      Title Card
  2   The Nostromo Crew Awakened        Alien
  3   Entering the Derelict Spacecraft  Alien
  4   The Space Jockey                  Alien
  5   The Face Hugger                   Alien
  6   The Chest Burster                 Alien
  7   Death from On High                Alien
  8   The Skull Smasher                 Alien
  9   Lambert's Final Moments           Alien
 10   Ripley Strikes Back               Alien
 11   Blasted into Space                Alien
 12   Unwanted Return                   Alien
 13   The New Mission                   Aliens
 14   A Colony Invaded                  Aliens
 15   Discovering Newt                  Aliens
 16   Catacombs of Death                Aliens
 17   "Kill Me!"                        Aliens
 18   Aliens Attack                     Aliens
 19   Emergency Retreat                 Aliens
 20   No Escape                         Aliens
 21   Newt Imperiled                    Aliens
 22   Destroying the Nest               Aliens
 23   Rampaging Queen                   Aliens
 24   Bishop Ripped Apart               Aliens
 25   The Titans Clash                  Aliens
 26   Jaws of a Queen                   Aliens
 27   Battle to the Death               Aliens
 28   Sole Survivor                     Alien3
 29   Creature on the Prowl             Alien3
 30   Curious about Ripley              Alien3
 31   Old Friends Reunited              Alien3
 32   Death from Above                  Alien3
 33   Counterattack                     Alien3
 34   Monster in the Maze               Alien3
 35   Slaying the Dragon                Alien3
 36   Ripley's Sacrifice                Alien3
 37   Life after Death                  Alien: Resurrection
 38   Ripley Reborn                     Alien: Resurrection
 39   The Mercenaries                   Alien: Resurrection
 40   Alien On Board                    Alien: Resurrection
 41   Ordeal                            Alien: Resurrection
 42   Underwater Assault                Alien: Resurrection
 43   Trapped in the Egg Chamber        Alien: Resurrection
 44   Queen and the Newborn             Alien: Resurrection
 45   Kindred                           Alien: Resurrection
 46   The Nostromo                      Technology & Environments
 47   The Space Derelict                Technology & Environments
 48   'Cheyenne' Utility Dropship       Technology & Environments
 49   Armored Personnel Carrier         Technology & Environments
 50   Firepower                         Technology & Environments
 51   Powerloader                       Technology & Environments
 52   Above the Prison Planet           Technology & Environments
 53   The Aurica Docking Bay            Technology & Environments
 54   Waste Tank Cocooning Area         Technology & Environments
 55   Surreal Surroundings              The Art of Alien
 56   Face Hugger                       The Art of Alien
 57   Alien Soldier                     The Art of Alien
 58   Queen vs. Ripley                  The Art of Alien
 59   The Protecting Drone              The Art of Alien
 60   Future Vision                     The Art of Alien
 61   Operation Alien                   The Art of Alien
 62   "Nightmare Asylum"                The Art of Alien
 63   "The Female War"                  The Art of Alien
 64   The Classic Alien Soldier         Alien Evolution
 65   An Extraterrestrial "Jaws"        Alien Evolution
 66   Creature Featured                 Alien Evolution
 67   Shuttle Stowaway                  Alien Evolution
 68   Blasted by Ripley                 Alien Evolution
 69   The "Aliens" Warrior              Alien Evolution
 70   The Queen's Egg Sack              Alien Evolution
 71   Fury of the Queen                 Alien Evolution
 72   Queen: Front View                 Alien Evolution
 73   A New Breed of Alien              Alien Evolution
 74   In the Blast Furnace              Alien Evolution
 75   Lucifer Descending                Alien Evolution
 76   Captured Warriors                 Alien Evolution
 77   Aliens Underwater                 Alien Evolution
 78   The Queen Defiant                 Alien Evolution
 79   Newborn Nightmare                 Alien Evolution
 80   Wail of the Newborn               Alien Evolution
 81   Head of Horror                    Alien Evolution
 82   Ellen Ripley                      Roll Call
 83   Nostromo's Chief Officers         Roll Call
 84   Robots                            Roll Call
 85   Colonial Marines                  Roll Call
 86   Ripley's Loved Ones               Roll Call
 87   Three Tough Hombres               Roll Call
 88   Can They Be Trusted?              Roll Call
 89   Xenomorph                         Roll Call
 90   Alien Legacy Checklist


Poster Gallery Cards (1:17 packs)

CP-1  The original teaser poster for Alien suggest
CP-2  When time came to finalize the Alien publici
CP-3  This original foreign poster design for Alie
CP-4  The first official Alien movie poster to sho
CP-5  The original Aliens poster (first time an al
CP-6  This original poster design for James Camero
CP-7  A monstrous Alien fetus became the promotion
CP-8  An original teaser poster for Alien Resurrec
CP-9  The U.S. one-sheet poster for Alien Resurrec

Evolution of Ripley Cards (1:27 packs)

C2-1  Alien
C2-2  Aliens
C2-3  Alien3
C2-4  Alien Resurrection

Alien Acid Bath Card (1:108 packs)

RE1   The Alien legacy? It's four films conceived

Card Album

--   (Binder)

Uncut Press Sheet


P1   Twentieth Anniversary Edition (dealer promo)
P2   First Time Ever! All Four Alien Films! (dealer promo, NSU)
C1   (Cards Inc., U.K.)
MS1  (Suncoast, Media Play)
---  (Dealer Sell Sheet)

Kmart Video-Insert Set

A1   The Alien Legacy
A2   Alien: The Story
A3   Alien: The Film
A4   Aliens: The Story
A5   Aliens: The Film
A6   Alien 3: The Story
A7   Alien 3: The Film
A8   Alien Resurrection: The Story
A9   Alien Resurrection: The Film
---  (Ad sheet and card-set order form)

DVD Collection Set

AU1  The Alien Legacy
AU2  Alien: The Story
AU3  Alien: The Film
AU4  Aliens: The Story
AU5  Aliens: The Film
AU6  Alien 3: The Story
AU7  Alien 3: The Film
AU8  Alien Resurrection: The Story
AU9  Alien Resurrection: The Film
---  (Ad sheet and card-set order form)

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