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Aliens/Predator Universe
Topps - 1995

Note:  Thanks much to Jan Burns Cederquist for the checklist text and artist
information, and to Dewayne Bond for subset and insert information!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.47 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title / Text                                     Artist

    1    Dark Horse Comics began publishing Aliens co     Robert Mentor & Ray Lago
    2    "In space, no one can hear you scream." In 1     Robert Mentor
    3    Major Dutch Schaefer was matched with a wort     Ray Lago
    4    Aliens II TPB                                    Denis Beauvais
    5    Dark Horse Comics No. 1                          Dave Dorman
    6    Aliens: Earth War No. 3                          John Bolton
    7    Dark Horse Comics No. 16                         George Pratt
    8    Aliens: Genocide TPB                             Dave Dorman
    9    Aliens vs. Predator TPB                          Phill Norwood
   10    Aliens: Sacrifice                                Paul Johnson
   11    Aliens vs. Predator TPB                          Phill Norwood
   12    Aliens: Salvation                                Mike Mignola
   13    Dark Horse Comics No. 4                          Leo Duranona
   14    Aliens: Genocide No. 1                           Arthur Suydam
   15    Dark Horse Presents No. 69                       Ray Lago
   16    Aliens II TPB                                    Denis Beauvais
   17    Predator vinyl kit                               Dave Dorman
   18    Aliens: Genocide No. 3                           Arthur Suydam
   19    Predator:  Race War No. 1                        Dave Dorman
   20    Aliens II TPB                                    Denis Beauvais
   21    Dark Horse Presents No. 68                       Ray Lago
   22    Aliens: Colonial Marines No. 2                   Robert Mentor
   23    Aliens/Predator: Deadliest of the Species No. 1  John Bolton
   24    Aliens: Earth War No. 2                          John Bolton
   25    Dark Horse Presents No. 46                       Dave Dorman
   26    Aliens: Hive TPB                                 Dave Dorman
   27    Aliens/Predator: Deadliest of the Species No. 2  John Bolton
   28    Aliens: Newt's Tale No 1                         Dave Dorman
   29    Aliens vs. Predator No. 4                        Dave Dorman
   30    Aliens: Genocide No. 2                           Arthur Suydam
   31    Predator: Cold War TPB                           Ray Lago
   32    Aliens II TPB                                    Denis Beauvais
   33    Aliens vs. Predator No. 1                        Phill Norwood
   34    Aliens: Colonial Marines No. 6                   Joe Phillips
   35    Aliens vs. Predator No. 2                        Phill Norwood
   36    Aliens II TPB                                    Denis Beauvais
   37    Aliens vs. Predator No. 3                        Phill Norwood
   38    Aliens: Tribes                                   Dave Dorman
   39    Dark Horse Comics No. 12                         Derek Thompson
   40    Aliens: Rogue No. 2                              Will Simpson
   41    Predator TPB                                     Denis Beauvais
   42    Aliens II TPB                                    Denis Beauvais
   43    Aliens/Predator: Deadliest of the Species No. 3  John Bolton
   44    Cartoonist/illustrator Gary Fields offers th     Gary Fields
   45    Artist Rebecca Guay provides a moody and evo     Rebecca Guay
   46    Adam Hughes considers a scenario wherein an      Adam Hughes
   47    Illustrator Esteban Maroto imagines the outc     Estaban Moroto
   48    This powerful image from painter/illustrator     Dimitrios Patelis
   49    Illustrator John Pound explores a hidden asp     John Pound
   50    Painter/colorist Reuben Rude contemplates th     Reuben Rude
   51    Zina Saunders demonstrates that the parasiti     Zina Saunders
   52    This scene from painter/illustrator John K.      John K. Snyder III
   53    Comics creator Jim Valentino supplies a grap     Jim Valentino
   54    Artist Neil Vokes examines a Predator mating     Neil Vokes
   55    Al Williamson combines outer space adventure     Al Williamson

Mini-Comic (Artwork by Chris Warner)

   56    The most powerful and resourceful hunters in
   57    The Hunters were an anachronistic race. They
   58    The young Hunters of a ruling caste were exp
   59    According to the folklore of the Hunter ruli
   60    The Hunters arrived on a world, finding the 
   61    For this expedition, the ritual rules of mat
   62    The objective of the older Hunters is to pen
   63    Machiko Noguchi is human. Her life on Ryushi
   64    Manchiko enters the egg chamber. She's remin
   65    The Queen is pulled through the hive to the 
   66    The Queen is loose inside the Hunter's ship.
   67    Machiko leads the Alien Queen to the ship's 
   68    Machiko knows she'll only have one chance. S
   69    Machiko's situation is equivalent to being i
   70    Machiko wonders what disappoints the Hunters

   71    Credits
   72    Checklist

Operation: Aliens Subset (Artwork by Denis Beauvais)

A1    Video uplink. Emergency channel. Priority Blue.
A2    Lieutenant Benitez cleared her throat, still dr
A3    With a practiced but tenuous calm, Lieutenant B
A4    Grant Corporation Station 13 was on a moon in a
A5    "Looks like a war zone," Simmons said. Benitez
A6    Benitez only saw a hint of shadow out of the co
A7    "Go! I'll follow." Simmons yelled as he opened
A8    Benitez saw Laswell and Simmons fall, but they
A9    Percy was at the computer. "I've managed to sea
A10   Benitez understood. Had Grant Corporation attem
A11   Benitez and her men moved through the access co
A12   Percy was the last to reach the dropship. "I se
A13   Benitez didn't have long to wonder about the mi
A14   The Queen attacked the flying object. Retributi
A15   Mission log. Lieutenant Roberta Benitez. Two go


Topps Finest Chromium Cards (1:17 packs)

1 of 6  (image from card 36)                         Denis Beauvais
2 of 6  (image from card 5)                          Dave Dorman
3 of 6  (image from card 14)                         Arthur Suydam
4 of 6  (image from card 43)                         John Bolton
5 of 6  (image from card A13)                        Denis Beauvais
6 of 6  (image from card 59)                         Chris Warner


P2    The Deadliest of the Species (image from card 46; art by Adam Hughes)
        Also in cello pack with promos from 6 other sets.
--    Aliens/Predator Universe (1994; art by Dave Dorman; Non-Sport Update)
        Also in cello pack with promos from 7 other sets.
--    Aliens/Predator Universe (1993, oversized, 5-1/2" x 7-7/8"; inset art by Dave
        Dorman, outer art by Mike Mignola)

©2000, 2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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