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Texaco-Havoline Davey Allison Team Set
Traks Race Products - 1991

Note:  This is one of a consecutively numbered series of racing team sets, with
sets also produced for Dale Earnhardt, Kyle Petty, and Michael Waltrip. Packaged
in a sealed factory box resembling the #28 Texaco-Havoline car.

No.   Title

 26   Davey Allison
 27   Robert Yates
 28   Star Power
 29   Controlled Frenzy
 30   Ryan Pemberton
 31   Richard Yates
 32   Larry McReynolds
 33   Gary Beveridge
 34   Joey Knuckles
 35   Tommy Allison
 36   Mike Bumgarner
 37   Terry Throneburg
 38   Eric "Big E" Horn
 39   Gil Kerley
 40   Raymond Fox III
 41   Norman Koshimizu
 42   Five-Time Winner
 43   Motor Minds
 44   Fantastic Phoenix
 45   James Lewter
 46   Vernon Hubbard
 47   Devin Barbee
 48   Doug Yates
 49   Triple Threat
 50   Team Effort / Checklist

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