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All-Pro Skateboard (Sticker-Cards)
   Donruss - 1978

Notes: The stickers and card backing do not mention the set title, manufacturer, 
or year. Packs could contain unnumbered cards that were left over from the 
earlier "Skateboard" sticker-card series. Thanks much to Neil Tring for the update!

Packs: 36 packs of 5 stickers + 1 piece gum.
Base sets (44): approx. 4.09 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                      Performer / Title

  1   Three Wheels Over                          Mike Goldman
  2   Samoan Squat Nose Wheelie                  Greg Taie
  3   Tail Tapper                                Rene Carrasco
  4   Speed Slalom                               Russ Howell
  5   Wired!                                     Russ Gosnell
  6   Forearm Handstand                          Basic Rules for Safe Skateboarding
  7   Helicopter                                 Basic Rules for Safe Skateboarding
  8   Boogie Down!                               Rebecca Williams
  9   Pipeline Fever                             Bob Mohr
 10   Do Not Touch This Skate Board              Tom Inouye
 11   Off the Rocks                              Bob "Chuy" Madrigal
 12   Wind Sailor                                Dave Dillberg
 13   Gutter Jumping                             Bruce Logan
 14   Confucius Say Wiseman Use Helmet           Bob Skoldberg
 15   UFO                                        Charlie Ransom
 16   High Jump                                  Mike Weed
 17   Catamaran                                  Dave Hackett
 18   Frontside 360°                             Paul Hoffman
 19   Street Serpent                             Deanna Calkins
 20   Kiss the Rim                               Gale Webb
 21   Stoked                                     Steve Sherman
 22   I Thirst for Skateboarding                 Stacy Peralta
 23   Kick Tail                                  Jamie Hart
 24   Street Freak                               Mike Williams
 25   Backside 360°                              Steve Schissler
 26   Locomotion                                 Randy Smith
 27   Bunny Hop                                  International Skateboard Association
 28   Concrete Surfer                            Ed Nadalin
 29   Powerslide                                 Nick Leonard
 30   360° Arial                                 International Skateboard Association
 31   Wild Child                                 David Andrews
 32   One Food Nose Wheelie                      Skitch Hitchcock
 33   Bail Out                                   Guy Grundy
 34   Savage                                     John Hutson
 35   Double Handstand                           Ellen Berryman
 36   On the Ceiling                             Steve Shipp
 37   Make Skateboarding an Olympic Sport 1984   Basic Rules for Safe Skateboarding
 38   Smokin
 39   Barbarian                                  Henry Hester
 40   Free Spirit                                John Hughes
 41   Pure Speed                                 International Skateboard Association
 42   High Flyer                                 Greg Weaver
 --   International Skateboard Association       Layne Oaks
 --   International Skateboard Association       International Skateboard Association

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