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All-Star Toon Ups Baseball Series One
   Toon-Ups - 1991

Notes: Card backs are marked "Toon-Up the Earth: Converve Energy!" and 
were distributed as a factory set. Unnumbered promo cards may have been 
issued for every base card, but the list below shows those that have been 

No.   Title                  Position / Message

  1   Authenticity Card
  2   Stan Dupp              Also, remember our POWs-MIAs
  3   Ben Dover              Catcher
  4   Justin Case            Relief Pitcher
  5   Dusty Bottoms          Pinch Runner
  6   Les Filling            First Base
  7   Sal Minnilla           Second Base
  8   Andy Mistitt           Shortstop
  9   "Cat food" Hunzinger   Relief Pitcher
 10   Will Power             First Base
 11   Seymour Orless         Third Base
 12   Mike Easter            Outfielder
 13   Homer Dome             Pitcher
 14   Phil Delphia           Outfielder
 15   Randy Baysez           Second Base
 16   Willy Makitt           Outfielder
 17   Barry Clever           Outfielder
 18   Ivan Kotchadozinov     Pinch Runner
 19   Harry Pitz             Outfielder
 20   Terry Aki              Second Base
 21   Mo Monet'              The Franchise
 22   Sam Quentin            Designated Hitman
 23   Tina Colada            Ballgirl
 24   Otto DePark            Outfielder
 25   Hugh Mungus            Umpire
 --   All-Star Ballot (checklist)


 --   "Cat food" Hunzinger
 --   Barry Clever
 --   Ben Dover
 --   Dusty Bottoms
 --   Les Filling
 --   Otto ADePark
 --   Randy Baysez
 --   Terry Aki
 --   Tina Colada
 --   Will Power
 --   Willy Makitt

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