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All-Star Toon Ups Football Series One
   Toon-Ups - 1991

Notes: Card backs are marked "Toon-Up the Earth: Converve Energy!" and 
were distributed as a factory set. Unnumbered promo cards may have been 
issued for every base card, but the list below shows those that have been 

No.   Title                  Position / Message

  1   Authenticity Card
  2   Monty Zuma             Also, remember our POWs-MIAs
  3   Ty Mout                Quarterback
  4   Juan Moyard            Fullback
  5   Charley Davidson       Defensive End
  6   Wes Coast              Quarterback
  7   Ron DeBallback         Kick Returner
  8   Bud Oxx                Offensive Tackle
  9   Robin Steele           Safety
 10   "Big Al" Katraz        Defensive Tackle
 11   Rusty Springs          Tight End
 12   Cliff Dyver            Linebacker
 13   Kenny Duett            Halfback
 14   Warren Piece           Defensive Tackle
 15   Rocky Rhodes           Fullback
 16   Deacon Fuzion          Linebacker
 17   Jim Nast               Halfback
 18   Willie Ketchitt        Wide Receiver
 19   Slip Disque            Punt Returner
 20   Thor Luzer             Safety
 21   Mo Monet'              The Franchise
 22   Dwight Krawler         Fullback
 23   Trudy Uprights         Cheerleader
 24   Donald Stump
 25   Andy Scorz
 --   All-Star Ballot (checklist)


 --   "Big Al" Katraz
 --   Andy Scorz
 --   Bud Oxx
 --   Mo
 --   Ron DeBallback
 --   Thor Luzer
 --   Ty Mout
 --   Wes Coast
 --   Willie Ketchitt

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