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American Chopper / Orange County Choppers
JoyRide - 2004

Notes:  Thanks much to Bob Sunday for the checklist assistance! Further 
information is posted at the JoyRide website.

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.39 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 8 packs of 5 cards + 1 model bike.
Common sets: approximately 0.80 per box.

No.   Title / Card Text

The Choppers

  Front Left Angle

  1   Black Widow Bike
  2   Fire Bike
  3   Jet Bike
  4   Comanche Bike
  5   Mikey's Bike 
  6   Old School Chopper

  Back Right Angle

  7   Black Widow Bike
  8   Fire Bike
  9   Jet Bike
 10   Comanche Bike
 11   Mikey's Bike
 12   Old School Chopper

  Front Right Angle w/ Engine

 13   Black Widow Bike
 14   Fire Bike
 15   Jet Bike
 16   Comanche Bike
 17   Mikey's Bike
 18   Old School Chopper

  Right Side Angle w/ Tank

 19   Black Widow Bike
 20   Fire Bike
 21   Jet Bike
 22   Comanche Bike
 23   Mikey's Bike
 24   Old School Chopper

  Left Side Angle w/ Misc. close-ups

 25   Black Widow Bike
 26   Fire Bike 
 27   Jet Bike
 28   Comanche Bike
 29   Mikey's Bike
 30   Old School Chopper

The Teutals

  Photo Reel in the Shop (Sequence Shot)

 31   Paul Jr.
 32   Paul Jr.
 33   Paul Jr. & Paul Sr.
 34   Paul Jr. & Paul Sr.
 35   Paul Jr.
 36   Paul Jr. & Paul Sr.
 37   Paul Jr. & Paul Sr.
 38   Paul Jr.

  Rolling Thunder

 39   In the shop, they push the envelope of motorcy
 40   Big Paul is ready to ride. "You don't have to
 41   As Paul Sr. says, "Bottom line is we're a fami
 42   When the open road calls, Jr. and Sr. Teutal a
 43   Big Paul may spew, "My way or the highway!" Bu
 44   Paul Sr.'s passion for cycles began in the 70s

  On the Road: Daytona

 45   It's a long way from Rock Tavern, New York to
 46   Under the bright Florida sun, the only thunder
 47   "Everyone appreciates bikes." Paul Jr. gives t
 48   When the open road calls, Paul Jr. and Sr. Teu
 49   The chance to meet Paulie and Big Paul is just
 50   A biker festival of epic proportions, Daytona'

Autograph Cards (1:190 packs)

 --   Paul Sr.
 --   Paul Jr.
 --   Mikey
 --   Vinnie
 --   Cody

Cool Threads (1:120 packs)

CT1   Paul Sr
CT2   Paul Jr.
CT3   Vinnie
CT4   Mikey
CT5   Paul Sr.
CT6   Paul Jr.

1:18-Scale Chrome Bikes (one per Retail box)
 --   Chrome Jet Bike
 --   Chrome Fire Bike
 --   Chrome Slack Widow


 --   Available September 2004 (pack insert for American Thunder NASCAR series)

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