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America Attacks
WTW Productions - c1983

Note:  This card set repeats the content of an information/propaganda set
that was printed on Dixie Cup lids in 1942 (followed later by a less-parochial
"United Nations Attacks" set later in the war).  Most of the cards mistakenly
attribute the year of the initial set as 1943. The unnumbered title card, not part
of the original set, states: "This series of 24 Military scenes, originally issued
on Ice Cream lids, has been produced in full color, size and format of the most
popular collectibles of that era, 'Picture Cards.' The scenes reflect in art, style
and text the national mood of the year 1942."  Cards are 2-1/2" x 3-1/8". 
Thanks much to Jan Burns Cederquist for the original checklist!

No.  Headline

--   America Attacks (Cover Card)
 1   Captain Colin P. Kelly, Jr. Wrecks Jap Battleship
 2   Colonel "Jimmy" Doolittle Bombs Tokio
 3   Army Bombers Blast Jap Carrier at Midway
 4   "Flying Forts" Wreck War Plants -- Lille, France
 5   Army Tanks and 'Planes in Egypt
 6   Troops Land in North Africa
 7   Army Tank Force Captures Oran, Algeria
 8   Army Paratroops Seize Airfields in Tunisia
 9   Army Bombers Blast Ships and Harbor -- Naples, Italy
10   Army P-38s Destroy Transportation Facilities -- Tunisia
11   Army Jungle Troops Drive Japs From New Guinea
12   Navy Gunfire Speeds Army Capture of Casablanca
13   Lt. Bulkeley at Subic Bay
14   "Sighted Sub Sank Same"
15   Jap Carrier Sunk at Coral Sea
16   Lieut. Edward H. O'Hare Downs 6 Jap Planes
17   Navy Bombers Destroy Jap Cruiser at Midway
18   Subs Sink Jap Destroyers at Aleutian Islands
19   Airships Sink Sub -- Eastern Seaboard Frontier
20   Cruiser "Boise" Sinks 6 Jap Ships Near Solomons
21   Cruiser "San Francisco" Leads Attack at Savo Island
22   Marine Pilots Turn Back Japs at Midway
23   Marines Storm Beach on Guadalcanal
24   America Awards / Check List

©2000, 2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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