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America's Fighting Forces
WTW Productions - 1983

Note:  This is another neat set that reprints cards that originally appeared on
"Dixie Cup" ice cream lids; the reprint version is on 2-1/2" x 3-1/8" cards.  From
the title card: "This series of 24 Military scenes, originally issued on Ice Cream
lids, has been produced in full color, size and format of the most popular collectibles
of that era, "Picture Cards." The scenes reflect in art, style and text the national
mood of 1942."  Thanks much to Jan Burns Cederquist for the original checklist!

No.   Title                                       Subtitle

 --   America's Fighting Forces Action Pictures
  1   Patrol Bombers                              Eyes of the Fleet
  2   Torpedo Bombers                             Wings for Tin Fish
  3   Fighter Planes                              Destroyers of the Air
  4   Dive Bombers                                Drive Their Punches Home
  5   Scout Bombers                               Hunters From the Fleet
  6   Aircraft Carriers                           Airports Afloat
  7   Heavy Bombers                               The Army's Fighting Fortresses
  8   Fighter Planes                              Guardians of the Sky
  9   Medium Bombers                              Army Dynamite
 10   Interceptors--Barrage Balloons              Scourge of the Skyways
 11   Paratroop Transport Planes                  Power Quickly Delivered
 12   Destroyers                                  Wolfhounds of the Deep
 13   Battleships                                 The Navy's Knockout Hitters
 14   Cruisers                                    The Navy's Middleweights
 15   Patrol Torpedo-Boats                        Mosquitoes of the Fleet
 16   Submarines                                  Undersea Wolves
 17   Submarine Chasers                           Terriers on Patrol
 18   Auxiliary Ships                             Keep the Fleet Fit
 19   The Marines                                 Soldiers of the Seven Seas
 20   Troop Transports                            The Army's Seven League Boots
 21   Tanks                                       Land Battleships
 22   The Corps of Engineers                      They Pave the Way
 23   Motorized Cavalry                           Lightning on Wheels
 24   America's Fighting Forces / Check List

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