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American Gladiators
Topps - 1991

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 3.27 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 3.27 per box.

No.   Title                           Challenge

  1   The American Gladiators         Powerball
  2   Entering the Arena              Powerball
  3   Breaking the Ice                Powerball
  4   Zapped!                         Powerball
  5   Nitro's Deadly Grip             Powerball
  6   Thunder Giving Chase            Powerball
  7   Out of Thunder's Reach          Powerball
  8   Diamond's Around Her Neck       Powerball
  9   Whoa!! (Holding Back Diamond)   Powerball
 10   Aiming the Rocket Pistol        The Assault
 11   Ducking for Cover in Assault    The Assault
 12   Assault with a Deadly Weapon    The Assault
 13   Aiming for the Bull's-Eye       The Assault
 14   An Ice-y Stare                  The Assault
 15   He Who Laughs Last              The Assault
 16   Let's Do Launch                 The Assault
 17   Gemini Bites the Dust           The Assault
 18   Caged Fury                      Atlasphere
 19   Merrily We Roll Along           Atlasphere
 20   Scoring in the Atlasphere       Atlasphere
 21   Taking a Pod Shot               Atlasphere
 22   Knee-Jerk Reaction              Hang Tough
 23   Lord of the Rings               Hang Tough
 24   Nitro Triumphant                Hang Tough
 25   Ice Hangs Tough                 Hang Tough
 26   Ice's Vise Grip                 Hang Tough
 27   Ice's Unbreakable Leg Lock      Hang Tough
 28   Getting a Grip                  Hang Tough
 29   Tag! You're It!                 Hang Tough
 30   Turbo and Mike                  Atlasphere
 31   The Joust                       The Joust
 32   Slugging It Out                 The Joust
 33   Surely You Joust!               The Joust
 34   Ice Lands a Blow                The Joust
 35   Overwhelming the Contender      The Joust
 36   Pugil-istic                     The Joust
 37   Storm Front                     The Joust
 38   A Moment of Rest                The Assault
 39   Eluding a Tackle                Breakthrough and Conquer
 40   Good as Gold                    Breakthrough and Conquer
 41   What a Heel!                    The Wall
 42   A Giant Step for Mankind        The Wall
 43   Hanging by a Thread             The Wall
 44   Hosting the Gladiators          Hang Tough
 45   Pretty in Pink                  The Wall
 46   Jammin'!                        Swingshot
 47   All Strung Out                  Swingshot
 48   Back to Back                    Swingshot
 49   He Flies through the Air...     Swingshot
 50   Up for Grabs!                   Swingshot
 51   In the Swing of Things          Swingshot
 52   Toppsy-Turvy                    Swingshot
 53   Tilt!                           Swingshot
 54   The Maze                        The Maze
 55   Roadblock: Gemini               Swingshot
 56   Stopped in Their Tracks         The Eliminator
 57   Storm in the Maze               Swingshot
 58   "The Eliminator" Treadmill      The Eliminator
 59   The Hand-Bike                   The Eliminator
 60   Grinding the Gears              The Eliminator
 61   Bike Race                       The Eliminator
 62   Net Weight                      The Eliminator
 63   Cargo Net                       The Eliminator
 64   Photo Finish                    The Eliminator
 65   Flooring It                     The Eliminator
 66   Gemini the Victor               The Assault
 67   Nitro-Glistening                Hang Tough
 68   High Five for Gemini            Hang Tough
 69   Gold                            Powerball
 70   Rolling Thunder                 Hang Tough
 71   Blaze                           Powerball
 72   Laser                           Hang Tough
 73   Laser's Back                    The Joust
 74   Ice, Ice Baby                   The Joust
 75   Zap                             Hang Tough
 76   Turbo-Charged                   The Assault
 77   Lace                            Atlasphere
 78   Dynamic Duo                     Breakthrough and Conquer
 79   Diamond                         Powerball
 80   Gemini                          The Maze
 81   Ice Speaks                      Atlasphere
 82   Turbo Cowboy                    The Eliminator
 83   Zap Attack                      Hang Tough
 84   A Well-Deserved Ovation         Hang Tough
 85   Your Hosts Zonk and Mike        Hang Tough
 86   Adamle in Action                Atlasphere
 87   The Official / Checklist 1
 88   The Official / Checklist 2


  1   American Gladiators
  2   (Interviews)
  3   Ice
  4   Laser
  5   Nitro
  6   Zap
  7   (Cargo Net)
  8   (Ring Battle)
  9   Thunder
 10   (Group Photo, Puzzle Part)
 11   (Group Photo, Complete Puzzle)

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