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Starline - 1992

Note:  Thanks much to Jan Burns Cederquist for the updates and corrections!

Box: 36 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.73 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Title                               Description

  1  George Bush                         41st President of the U.S.
  2  Abraham Lincoln                     16th President of the U.S.
  3  America Walks on the Moon
  4  Andrew Jackson                      7th President of the U.S.
  5  Robert E. Lee                       Soldier
  6  Benedict Arnold                     General and Famous Traitor
  7  Omar Bradley                        Soldier
  8  William Tecumseh Sherman            General
  9  Aaron Burr                          Statesman
 10  George Washington                   Founding Father and First President of the U.S.
 11  Kit Carson                          Frontiersman
 12  George Rogers Clark                 Soldier
 13  Wyatt Earp                          Frontiersman
 14  Sam Houston                         Soldier and Politician
 15  George Armstrong Custer             Soldier
 16  The White House                     1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington D.C.
 17  Geronimo                            Indian Chief
 18  Wild Bill Hickok                    Frontiersman
 19  John Paul Jones                     Sailor
 20  Pat Garrett                         Sheriff
 21  Crazy Horse                         Indian Chief
 22  Meriwether Lewis                    Explorer
 23  George C. Marshall                  Soldier and Statesman
 24  Nathan Hale                         Revolutionary
 25  George B. McClellan                 Union Soldier and Political Leader
 26  Albert Einstein                     Physicist
 27  Chester Nimitz                      Admiral
 28  George S. Patton                    Soldier
 29  Davy Crockett                       Frontiersman and Folk Hero
 30  Douglas MacArthur                   Soldier
 31  Susan B. Anthony                    Womens Rights Leader
 32  Clara Barton                        Humanitarian
 33  Alexander Graham Bell               Inventor and Teacher
 34  Ralph Bunche                        Statesman
 35  George Washington Carver            Teacher and Scientist
 36  Jefferson Davis                     Politician
 37  John Quincy Adams                   6th President of the U.S.
 38  James Madison                       4th President of the U.S.
 39  Thomas Jefferson                    3rd President of the U.S.
 40  John Adams                          2nd President of the U.S.
 41  Martin van Buren                    8th President of the U.S.
 42  John Tyler                          10th President of the U.S.
 43  James Knox Polk                     11th President of the U.S.
 44  Zachary Taylor                      12th President of the U.S.
 45  Stephen A. Douglas                  Statesman
 46  Thomas Edison                       Inventor
 47  Millard Fillmore                    13th President of the U.S.
 48  Franklin Pierce                     14th President of the U.S.
 49  James Buchanan                      15th President of the U.S.
 50  Andrew Johnson                      17th President of the U.S.
 51  Henry Ford                          Industrialist
 52  William Henry Harrison              9th President of the U.S.
 53  James Monroe                        5th President of the U.S.
 54  Benjamin Franklin                   Politician and Inventor
 55  Alexander Hamilton                  Politician
 56  John Marshall                       Judge
 57  Horace Mann                         Educator and Reformer
 58  Eddie Rickenbacker                  Air Force Captain
 59  Thurgood Marshall                   Judge and Civil Rights Advocate
 60  Charles A. Lindbergh                Aviator
 61  Ulysses S. Grant                    18th President of the U.S.
 62  Benjamin Harrison                   23rd President of the U.S.
 63  Woodrow Wilson                      28th President of the U.S.
 64  Grover Cleveland                    22nd and 24th President of the U.S.
 65  Franklin Delano Roosevelt           32nd President of the U.S.
 66  Gerald Ford                         38th President of the U.S.
 67  Calvin Coolidge                     30th President of the U.S.
 68  Chester A. Arthur                   21st President of the U.S.
 69  Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson       Confederate General
 70  William Howard Taft                 27th President of the U.S.
 71  Warren G. Harding                   29th President of the U.S.
 72  Frederick Douglass                  Abolitionist and Orator
 73  Brigham Young                       Mormon Leader
 74  Rutherford B. Hayes                 19th President of the U.S.
 75  Dwight D. Eisenhower                34th President of the U.S.
 76  Eli Whitney                         Inventor
 77  Jimmy Carter                        39th President of the U.S.
 78  Herbert Hoover                      31st President of the U.S.
 79  Harry S. Truman                     33rd President of the U.S.
 80  James A. Garfield                   20th President of the U.S.
 81  Walt Whitman                        Poet
 82  John F. Kennedy                     35th President of the U.S.
 83  Ronald Reagan                       40th President of the U.S.
 84  William McKinley                    25th President of the U.S.
 85  Lyndon B. Johnson                   36th President of the U.S.
 86  Samuel Adams                        Political Leader
 87  Henry Clay                          Statesman
 88  Richard M. Nixon                    37th President of the U.S.
 89  John Foster Dulles                  Statesman
 90  Theodore Roosevelt                  26th President of the U.S.
 91  James Doolittle                     Aviator
 92  Stone Mountain                      Confederate Memorial
 93  Stephen F. Austin                   Frontiersman and Colonizer
 94  Phineas T. Barnum                   Showman
 95  Daniel Boone                        Frontiersman
 96  William Jennings Bryan              Statesman
 97  Martha Washington                   First Lady
 98  Eleanor Roosevelt                   First Lady
 99  John C. Calhoun                     Statesman
100  Louisa May Alcott                   Author
101  Andrew Carnegie                     Industrialist
102  William F. Cody                     Frontiersman and Showman
103  Emily Dickinson                     Poet
104  John J. Pershing                    General
105  Independence Day
106  The Battle of San Juan Hill
107  Sitting Bull                        Indian Leader
108  Statue of Liberty
109  Surrender at Appomatox
110  The Alamo
111  Barbara Bush                        First Lady
112  Pearl Harbor
113  D-Day
114  Philip Henry Sheridan               Soldier
115  Jeb Stuart                          Soldier
116  Iwo Jima
117  The Pentagon
118  Mount Rushmore
119  The Washington Monument
120  The Capitol
121  Amelia Earhart                      Aviator
122  Anthony M. Kennedy                  Supreme Court Justice
123  Antonin Scalia                      Supreme Court Justice
124  David H. Souter                     Supreme Court Justice
125  Sandra Day O'Connor                 Supreme Court Justice
126  Harry A. Blackmun                   Supreme Court Justice
127  John Paul Stevens                   Supreme Court Justice
128  Byron White                         Supreme Court Justice
129  William H. Rehnquist                Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
130  The Pilgrims
131  Salmon P. Chase                     Judge, Statesman
132  Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis  First Lady
133  Jesse James                         Bank Robber
134  Oliver Wendell Holmes               Supreme Court Justice
135  Elliot Ness                         Lawman
136  Robert F. Kennedy                   Politician
137  Bat Masterson                       Lawman
138  Paul Revere                         Silversmith and Revolutionary
139  Samuel F.B. Morse                   Inventor
140  Edgar Allan Poe                     Poet
141  J. Edgar Hoover                     Lawman
142  Clarence Darrow                     Lawyer
143  The Smithsonian                     Washington, D.C.
144  Al Capone                           Gangster
145  Mount Vernon
146  Arlington National Cemetery         Arlington, Virginia
147  Elizabeth Cady Stanton              Women's Rights Leader
148  Harriet Tubman                      Abolitionist
149  Daniel Webster                      Statesman & Lawyer
150  Ralph Waldo Emerson                 Poet and Writer
151  Horace Greeley                      Printer and Politician
152  Francis Scott Key                   Lawyer
153  The United States Constitutional
154  Booker T. Washington                Educator
155  Uncle Sam
156  Earl Warren                         Supreme Court Justice
157  William O. Douglas                  Supreme Court Justice
158  Judah P. Benjamin                   Statesman
159  Nancy Reagan                        First Lady
160  Joseph Johnston                     Soldier
161  Maxwell Taylor                      Soldier
162  Mark Clark                          Soldier
163  Audie Murphy                        Soldier
164  Alvin York                          Soldier
165  The American Flag
166  Helen Keller                        Writer
167  Dred Scott                          Slave
168  The U.S.S. Nautilus
169  The Challenger
170  Henry A. Arnold                     Soldier
171  Warren Burger                       Supreme Court Justice
172  Mathew Brady                        Photographer
173  Ethan Allan                         Revolutionary
174  Discovering America
175  John Hancock                        Patriot
176  Patrick Henry                       Patriot
177  John Jay                            Supreme Court Justice
178  Christopher Columbus                Explorer
179  The Boston Tea Party
180  Thomas Paine                        Revolutionary
181  William Randolph Hearst             Newspaper Publisher
182  James A. Baker                      Statesman
183  Henry Kissinger                     Statesman
184  Calamity Jane                       Scout, Mail Carrier
185  Vietnam Veterans Memorial
186  Robert Fulton                       Engineer and Artist
187  Liberty Bell
188  Wilber & Orville Wright             Avaitor Pioneers
189  John Bell Hood                      Confederate Soldier
190  Dan Quayle                          Vice President
191  Buying Manhattan
192  William Penn Founds a Colony
193  Harpers Ferry
194  John D. Rockefeller                 Industrialist and Philanthropist
195  Surrender at Yorktown
196  Jesse Jackson                       Civil Rights Leader
197  David Farragut                      Union Admiral
198  Sally Ride                          Astronaut and Astrophysicist
199  Hubert H. Humphrey                  Statesman
200  Martin Luther King Jr.              Civil Rights Leader
201  Nelson Rockefeller                  Statesman
202  Pierre T. Beauregard                Confederate General
203  First Flight
204  Jefferson Memorial
205  Betsy Ross                          Flagmaker
206  Fort Sumter
207  Pocahantas                          Indian Princess
208  The Monitor and the Merrimack
209  The Lincoln Memorial
210  John Wilkes Booth                   Assassin
211  Colin Powell                        Soldier
212  Jack Kemp                           Politician
213  The Supreme Court
214  Bill Bradley                        Politician
215  Samuel Gompers                      Labor Leader
216  Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr
217  The Grand Canyon
218  Elias Howe                          Inventor
219  Frederic Remington                  Painter
220  John Philip Sousa                   Composer and Band Leader
221  John C. Fremont                     Explorer
222  George Eastman                      Inventor
223  Henry L. Stimson                    Statesman
224  Edwin A. Aldrin Jr.                 Astronaut
225  Neil Armstrong                      Astronaut
226  William Clark                       Explorer and Soldier
227  John Glenn                          U.S. Senator, Astronaut
228  Virgil I. Grissom                   Astronaut
229  Cordell Hull                        Statesman
230  The Declaration of Independence
231  The Mercury Astronauts
232  Crossing the Delaware
233  Annie Oakley                        Markswoman
234  Alan Shepard                        Astronaut
235  William J. Brennan                  Judge
236  Norman Schwarzkopf                  Soldier
237  Jackie Robinson                     Baseball Player
238  Columbia Space Shuttle
239  Tecumseh                            Indian Chief
240  Chief Joseph                        Indian Chief
241  William F. Halsey                   Fleet Admiral
242  Robert Frost                        Poet
243  Dolly Madison                       First Lady
244  George Mason                        Statesman
245  Babe Ruth                           Baseball Player
246  Abigail Adams                       First Lady
247  Gregory Boyington                   Pilot
248  Checklist #1
249  Checklist #2
250  Checklist #3

Card Album

 --  (Binder)


---  George Washington
---  Man on Moon
---  Douglas MacArthur
---  George Bush
---  Abraham Lincoln
---  White House
---  Robert E. Lee

©2000, 2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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