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Americana Beyond the Moon: NASA's Continuing Mission
Donruss - 2008

Notes: This card set is available only at the George Bush Presidential Library and 
Museum. Cards come in a sealed cellophane pack with a gold seal of the museum 
and a white header card. The header card shows museum name, exhibit name, dates 
of exhibit, and Donruss logo. Regular cards receive the "full" Americana treatment. 
Thanks to Mike Tilford for the list!

 No.    Title

 --     (header card)
SS-1    Beyond the Moon
SS-2    Space Shuttle Columbia
SS-3    Space Shuttle Atlantis
SS-4    Space Shuttle Endeavor
SS-5    Space Shuttle Atlantis (on back of NASA 747)
SS-6    Space Shuttle Discovery
SS-7    STS-107 Crew
SS-8    The International Space Station
SS-9    The Helix Nebula
SS-10   Mars Rover
SS-11   Space Shuttle Discovery
SS-12   Space Shuttle Columbia
SS-13   Saturn
SS-14   Space Shuttle Endeavor
SS-15   Space Shuttle Discovery
SS-16   Kennedy Space Center
SS-17   STS-51L Crew
SS-18   Aries Launch Vehicle

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