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American Pride Commemorative Sticker Cards
   Inkworks - 2001

Note:  Additional information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 48 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.33 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                 Subset

 1    A Celebration of the American Spirit  America
 2    Spacious Skies                        America the Beautiful
 3    Waves of Grain                        America the Beautiful
 4    Mountains Majesties                   America the Beautiful
 5    Fruited Plain                         America the Beautiful
 6    America! America!                     America the Beautiful
 7    Grace                                 America the Beautiful
 8    Thy Good                              America the Beautiful
 9    Shining Sea                           America the Beautiful
10    Apple Pie                             American Icons
11    Baseball                              American Icons
12    Blue Jeans                            American Icons
13    Bald Eagle                            American Icons
14    Automobile                            American Icons
15    Music                                 American Icons
16    The U.S. Constitution                 American Icons
17    Old Glory                             American Icons
18    Hail to the Chief                     American Icons
19    White House                           Monuments to Freedom
20    U.S. Capital Building                 Monuments to Freedom
21    Statue of Liberty                     Monuments to Freedom
22    Washington Monument                   Monuments to Freedom
23    Liberty Bell                          Monuments to Freedom
24    Mount Rushmore                        Monuments to Freedom
25    Thomas Jefferson Memorial             Monuments to Freedom
26    Lincoln Memorial                      Monuments to Freedom
27    Declaration of Independence           Monuments to Freedom
28    Stars                                 The Flag That We Love
29    Stripes                               The Flag That We Love
30    The History                           The Flag That We Love
31    Symbol of Achievement                 The Flag That We Love
32    Defending the Flag                    The Flag That We Love
33    Grand Ol' Flag                        The Flag That We Love
34    National Anthem                       The Flag That We Love
35    Flag Display                          The Flag That We Love
36    Pledge of Allegiance                  The Flag That We Love
37    Route 66                              Tour of America
38    The South                             Tour of America
39    The Mid-Atlantic                      Tour of America
40    New England                           Tour of America
41    The Midwest                           Tour of America
42    The Southwest                         Tour of America
43    The West                              Tour of America
44    United We Stand                       Tour of America
45    American Pride                        Checklist


--    (Dealer sell sheet)

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