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America at War
   W.S. Corp - 1942

Note: Cards were originally distributed in perforated strips. American Card 
Catalog reference is R12. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Title

501   Bombing Jap Planes at Lae
502   Truck Convoy On Burma Road
503   Jap Destroyer Destroyed
504   Tank Action At Mindanao
505   U.S.S. Anderson
506   Repelling Japs At Moresby
507   Routing Japs At Darwin
508   Flying Tigers In Burma
509   Bombing By Parachute
510   Operating While Being Bombed
511   Parachute Action
512   U.S. Naval Attack At Marshall Island
513   Battling At Singapore
514   Corregidor Underground H.Q.
515   General Stillwell
516   Barrage Balloon
517   The Answer To Pearl Harbor
518   Philippine Guerilla Action
519   Coming Invasion Of Europe
520   Chiang Kai-Shek
521   Burning Oil At Cavite
522   Tank Trap
523   Pulling Away From Sinking Ship
524   Boarding The Troop Ship
525   American Raid On Wotje Island
526   Observation Post
527   Bombardier's "Greenhouse"
528   Bomber Returning to Carrier
529   Navy Tunnel At Corregidor
530   STALIN
531   Submarine Conning Tower
532   Plane Protecting "Commandos"
533   Tanks In Africa
534   Sinking Japs In Coral Sea
535   Colin P. Kelly
536   Rescue Men In Asbestos
537   Victory In Coral Sea
538   Night Attack In Australia
539   Sergeant Wireless Operator
540   New Battleships Rushed
541   "Scarsdale Jack" - Ace
542   Capsized Jap At Gilbert Island
543   Machine Guns At Bataan
544   U.S. Marine Transport Plane
545   Nazi Bomber Crashes
546   U.S. Planes Bomb Tokyo
547   Defending Darwin Harbor
548   Mopping Up Jap Parachutists

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