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American Fighter Aces
Historical Images, Inc. - 1992

Notes:  The cards are commonly available as a boxed factory set, with 108 
cards and one promo card. They were also sold in 11-card packs, but I don't 
know details for that distribution. My boxed set included an autographed 
card. Diane Haagensen (thanks!) reports that there was a second series of 
the cards too.

No.   Title

  1   Maj. Joseph Foss, USMC
  2   Capt. Don Gentile, USAAF
  3   Lt. Cmdr. Edward "Butch" O'Hare, USN
  4   Col. Francis Gabreski, USAF
  5   Capt. Joseph McConnell, USAF
  6   Col. Charles H. MacDonald, USAAF
  7   Capt. Douglas Campbell, USAAS
  8   Col. Fred J. Christensen, Jr., USAAF
  9   Capt. Manuel Fernandez, USAF
 10   Capt. Charles E. Yeager, USAAF
 11   Capt. Richard Lee, USAAF
 12   Lt. Jesse Orin Creech, USAAS
 13   Cmdr. Alex Vraciu, USN
 14   Maj. George A. Doersch, USAAF
 15   Lt. Bert DeWayne Morris, Jr., USN
 16   Godfrey and Gentile
 17   Capt. David S. McCampbell, USN
 18   Herman J. Rossi, Jr., USN
 19   McGuire and Lindbergh
 20   Capt. Robert Curtis, USAAF
 21   Lt. Steve Pisanos, USAAF
 22   Lt. Col. Donald Lopez, USAAF
 23   Col. Robert DeHaven, USAF
 24   Lt. Robert A. M. Dibb, USN
 25   Col. Niven K. Cranfill, USAAF
 26   Capt. Joseph McKeon, USAAF
 27   Major Robin Olds, USAF
 28   Lt. Charles M. Mallory, USN
 29   Cmdr. Richard H. May, USN
 30   Col. Jack E. Conger, USMC
 31   Lt. Col. Peter E. Pompetti, USAAF
 32   Capt. John F. Thornell, Jr., USAAF
 33   Brig. Gen. Robert L. Scott, Jr., USAF
 34   Capt. R. Steve Ritchie, USAF
 35   Duke's Last Kill
 36   Capt. Richard Becker, USAF
 37   Capt. Robert Buttke, USAAF
 38   Gabreski's P-47
 39   Lanphier, Holmes and Barber
 40   Col. Francis Gabreski, USAAF
 41   Capt. George T. Chandler,  USAAF
 42   Capt. Joseph D. McGraw, USN
 43   Lt. Col. George Lamb, USAAF
 44   Lt. Col. Robert Woody, USAAF
 45   Col. Elmer Richardson, USAF
 46   Capt. Iven Kincheloe, Jr., USAF
 47   Maj. Robert E. Galer, USMC
 48   Capt. Leroy Harris, USN
 49   Capt. Harry Parker, USAAF
 50   Capt. E. Scott McCuskey, USN
 51   Lt. Col. Louis Benne, USAF
 52   Lt. Cmdr. Michele Mazzocco, USN
 53   F4-U Corsairs
 54   Col. Walker Mahurin, USAF
 55   Lt. Cmdr. Carl E. Smith, USN
 56   Eric Evenson, USN
 57   Maj. John H. Hoefker, USAAF
 58   Capt. Stanley Vejtasa, USN
 59   Capt. Cecil Harris, USN
 60   Lt. Col. Raymond Harmeyer, USAAF
 61   Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker, USAAS
 62   Read Adm. David Ingalls, USN
 63   Lt. Col. Joseph Forster, USAAF
 64   Lt. Wilbur J. Thomas, USMC
 65   Col. Gregory Boyington, USMC
 66   Lt. John Wirth, USN
 67   Capt. William Lamb ert, RFC
 68   Maj. Robert F. Stout, USMC
 69   P-51's over Burma
 70   Brig. Gen. Charles "Chuck" Yeager, USAF
 71   Col. Fred J. Christensen, Jr., USAAF
 72   Capt. Edward Gimbel, USAAF
 73   Lt. Col. Donald Bochkay, USAAF
 74   Col. Stephen Bettinger, USAF
 75   Cmdr. Ralph Foltz, USN
 76   1st Lt. Henry Buttelmann, USAF
 77   Lt. Col. William Thaw USAAS
 78   Maj. Eugene A. Trowbridge, USMC
 79   Lt. Lloyd A. Hamilton, USAAS
 80   Lt. Col. Robert S. Johnson, USAAF
 81   Maj. Richard A. Peterson, USAAF
 82   Brig. Gen. Clinton Vincent, USAAF
 83   Col. Hubert Zemke, USAF
 84   Lt. Francis Lent, USAAF
 85   Brig. Gen. Frank L. Gailer, Jr., USAF
 86   Col. Willie O. Jackson, USAAF
 87   Maj. Joseph J. Foss, USMC
 88   Col. David Lee Hill, USAAF
 89   Gen. John C. Meyer, USAF
 90   Capt. John Purdy, USAAF
 91   Aces of the 23rd Fighter Group
 92   Cmdr. Robert Thelen, USN
 93   Marion F. Kirby, USAAF
 94   Ens. E. Alexander Phillips, USN
 95   Capt. Elliott White Springs, USAAS
 96   Col. George Vanden Heuvel, USAAF
 97   Capt. John T. Godfrey, USAAF
 98   Maj. Charles Biddle, USAAS
 99   Van E. Chandler, USAAF
100   Maj. Carroll Smith, USAAF
101   Col. Gerald Johnson, USAAF
102   Maj. Urban Drew, USAAF
103   Col. Glenn E. Duncan, USAAF
104   Lt. Landis E. Doner, USN
105   Col. John J. Voll, USAAF
106   Lt. Cmdr. Cornelius Nooy, USN
107   Flt. Ldr. Joseph Rosbert (AVG)
108   Checklist


Autographed Cards

--    (randomly inserted)

PROMO CARD (blank back; included in each factory set)

--    Dick Bong, Ace of Aces

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