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American G-Men
   Anonymous - 1930s

Notes: Reference number R13-2. Cards were generally distributed in perforated 
strips. There is another "Anonymous" set by the same name, which can be 
distinguished by its 101-148 card numbering. A strip at the bottom of the 
card fronts states "You Can't Get Away with It."

No.   Title

701   Opium Smugglers
702   Insurance Racket
703   Alarm clock Clue
704   Lonely Shack
705   Broken Bones
706   Cornered Rat
707   Blowout! Crash!
708   Pineapple Bombs
709   Snakes Den
710   He Got His Man
711   Laugh of Death
712   Gang War
713   Bank Robber
714   Desert Mystery
715   Air Patrol
716   Racketeers Reward
717   Moonlight Ghost
718   Pueblo Phantom
719   Knife vs Gun
720   Hillbilly Killers
721   Blackmailer Nailed
722   Dynamite Destroyer
723   Shanghaier Captured
724   Wire Tappers
725   Black Legion
726   Cafeteria Crime
727   Baggage Battle
728   Smuggling Aliens
729   Escaped Convist
730   Toughie Squeals
731   Big Shot
732   Crazy Charlie
733   Baseball Murder
734   Miami Hijackers
735   Hot Money
736   Five, Six Pick Up Stiffs
737   Coal Shute Shooting
738   Great Guy?
739   Undercover Man
740   Lunch Bandits
741   Jewelry Thief
742   Kidnapped and Rescued
743   Subway Slaughter
744   Undercover Man
745   Northern Justice
746   Oriental Rivals
747   Underworld Desperadoes
748   Foiling a Kidnapper

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