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American Historical Characters
   American Caramel - 1940s

Notes: Cards were issued as ten sets of 3, with a "portrait" card and two 
"story" cards. Fronts have color artwork, and backs have descriptive text. 
American Card Catalog reference is R14. Scans are posted at the Vintage 
Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Buffalo Bill
  2   Buffalo Bill The Dead Shot
  3   Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

  1   Daniel Boone
  2   Daniel Boone Escapes the Indians
  3   Boone Captured by Indians

  1   Sitting Bull
  2   Sitting Bull Ambushes Custer
  3   Sitting Bull and His Braves Chased into the Canadian Wilderness

  1   Christopher Columbus
  2   Columbus at the Court of Queen Isabella
  3   Columbus Discovers America

  1   Stephen Decatur
  2   Decatur Fires the Philadelphia
  3   Fight Between "United States" and "Macedonian"

  1   Jesse James
  2   Jesse James Holds Up a Stage
  3   Jesse James Is Murdered by the Ford Brothers

  1   John Paul Jones
  2   The Drake Runs Up the White Flag
  3   Fight between "Richard" and "Serapes"

  1   Captain Kidd
  2   Captain Kidd Flees from the Ships of the Great Mogul
  3   The Trial of Captain Kidd

  1   Captain John Smith
  2   John Smith Condemned to Die
  3   Pocohontas Rescues John Smith

  1   George Washington
  2   Washington the Surveyor
  3   Valley Forge

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